PostHeaderIcon Maya Rudolph & Andy Samberg Spotted in Portland


Andy Samberg and Maya Rudolph as seen on Saturday Night Live

STARDAR REPORT: Actress/singer Maya Rudolph was spotted with her hubby, director Paul Thomas Anderson, and her fellow Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg on Saturday night at Gruner Restaurant in Portland's west end.

Fresh from an appearance on the season finale of SNL and a quick stop at Sasquatch, Queen Maya was in town to perform with her Prince cover band, Princess, at the Wonder Ballroom and according to sources was seen totally yucking it up and enjoying the food with her boys at Christopher Israel's famous local restaurant known for its Alpine fare.

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PostHeaderIcon A Good Night For Election Parties in Portland, Oregon


Gov. Barbara Roberts, Deborah Kafoury, Nik Blosser, Bailey supporters, Gov. Roberts, Jules Bailey, Jake Kindrachuk, John Halseth, Deborah, Robin Castro, Juan Martinez, Iaen Nylund

ELECTION NIGHT PDX: It has been a good week so far. On Monday our state recognized that #lovewins every time. And on Tuesday my favorite candidates won their respective races. I LOVE that Jules Bailey, Rob Nosse and Deborah Kafoury ended their campaigns with impressive and decisive wins. I had a chance to check out a couple of the election night parties—Jules party at Hatch, and Deborah's party at Jimmy Mak's—and, man, all I can say is politicians sure do love to party.

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PostHeaderIcon Love Wins: The Day I Proposed to Juan Martinez


Mayor Charlie Hales officiates his very first wedding with Bert and (middle name) Ernie, Jeana Frazzini, Juan Martinez, Serena Cruz Walsh, Diane Linn, Roey Thorpe, Maria Rojo de Steffey, Lisa Naito, Nancy Hales, Lisa Chickadonz, Christine Tanner, Mayor Charlie Hales, Jeana offiiciates her very first wedding, Juan, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and Rep. Jennifer Williamson

LOVE IS LOVE: It's still too early for me to fully take in ALL that happened on Monday, May 19th, 2014. Suffice to say it is now legal for same sex couples to get married in Oregon. And that I proposed to my partner of 19 years, Juan Martinez, in front of a television camera.

I am sure I will have more to say later...but for now I just want to share some of the photos I snapped yesterday.

With much love,


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PostHeaderIcon Edward Furlong Released From Film Project in Portland


CELEB-U-WATCH: Deet is dunzo. Edward Furlong has been released from his latest film project, "Deet N' Bax Save The World." Here's what I heard went down and why Furlong is no longer involved with the film.

Edward Furlong was scheduled to begin production on his latest film last Saturday, May 10. But the actor, who is currently on probation due to a domestic violence dispute, didn't even make it to Portland until nearly midnight on Wednesday, May 14, and wasn't able to make it to the set until the following day.

Furlong's late arrival pushed the film behind what was already tight schedule. So tight in fact, that his co-star Weston Cage, son of Nicholas Cage, was then unable to complete his scenes with Furlong due to his wife's inability to travel via plane during the late stage of her pregnancy.

Official word from the set is Furlong's late arrival made it impossible to finish the indie stoner action comedy about "sex, guns, weed and salmon."

But sources say Furlong was far from his tip-top Terminator 2 shape for this latest role. On the short few days Furlong was on set as "Deet," he seemed to struggle with his lines and according to one source, was reduced to being fed individual words to say from someone just out of the sight line of the rolling cameras.

Production on "Deet N' Bax" has been postponed until August allowing Cage time off for the birth of his child and a chance for the producers to re-cast Furlong's now vacant role.

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PostHeaderIcon Hair M/W Posh Opening Party in PDX's Pearl District


Hair W's owner Celeste Trapp, Brian Wannamaker, Boy and Bean band, chic crowd, Marcy Carna, Brandy Marsh and Kelly Callaghan

TRESS CHIC: We were lucky to join a group of swellegant guys and gorgeous gals at the grand opening celebration of HAIR M | W in Portland's posh Pearl District on Saturday night.

The night, dubbed The Black and White Gala, was all about old Hollywood Glamour, and black and white cocktail attire was strongly suggested. Live music was provided Boy and Bean ( and the night included tasty bites and even tastier libations. Congrats to owner Celeste Trapp for putting together such an incredibly cool shop and even cooler party. Talk about chic.

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