PostHeaderIcon Houston Mayor Annise Parker Talks Texas & Portland


Back row: Mayor Charlie and Nancy Hales, John Harrell, Al Machemel, (front row) Kathy Hubbard, Mayor Annise Parker and Jeana Frazzini

THE NEXT GOVERNOR OF TEXAS? Houston Mayor Annise Parker's LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance is being brought to full council for a vote today. Parker, who is openly gay, first called for an LGBT non-discrimination ordinance in her inaugural address. She has seen major opposition from conservatives across the state of Texas. But she, and many others, are working diligently to make sure this incredibly important ordinance passes.

Mayor Parker recently visited Portland with her partner, Kathy Hubbard. Mayor Parker was here on behalf of Oregon United for Marriage and is a longtime supporter of the freedom to marry. She joined many community leaders, including Mayor Charlie and Nancy Hales, at the home of Al Machemehl and John Harrell.

That evening Mayor Parker spoke about many things, including the non-discrimination ordinance, and she hinted that she is looking toward the future and a possible run for governor of Texas. Now, that would make it a really great state of Texas.

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PostHeaderIcon Retro-Cool Driftwood Room Celebrates Six Decades


Kate Buska, Mike Robertson, Brandon Wise, Christine, DJ AM Gold, Christina and AlexSandra at Driftwood Room


MAD MEN & MARTINIS:One of Portland’s most iconic cocktail bars, Hotel deLuxe’s retro-cool Driftwood Room, is turning 60 this year and celebrated in May with a month of cocktails inspired by the 1950’s, a series of star turns behind the bar by some of Portland’s best bartenders and a Memorial Day blowout featuring classic cars, vintage fashion and more. Plus, to commemorate its first 60 years on the Portland cocktail scene, the Driftwood Room published a pocket-sized book filled with its most beloved stirred and shaken recipes.

Opened in 1954 at the then-Mallory Hotel, the Driftwood Room has long been beloved by Portlanders for its authentic Mad Men-era décor. When the hotel was reborn as Hotel deLuxe in 2006, the Driftwood Room’s mid-century interior was lovingly restored and preserved just in time for the resurgence of the city’s cocktail scene. Today, the experience of stepping into the dimly-lit hideaway is a must for visitors and locals seeking expertly crafted cocktails and gracious, welcoming service.

Portland’s bartenders are an infamously collegial bunch, and during the Driftwood Room’s birthday month, they turned out in force each Monday in May to celebrate its lasting impact on the city by stepping behind the bar and mixing up their own versions of classic 1950’s cocktails.   

On Monday, May 26, the festivities culminated with a mid-century-inspired 60th Anniversary Memorial Day celebration from 4-7 p.m. Guest bartenders Sue Erikson of Fireside, Brandon Wise of Imperial, Mindy Kucan of Hale Pele and Alan Akwai of Raven and Rose who all hopped behind the bar and mix up retro cocktails. Chef Mark Hosak of Hotel deLuxe created a tantalizing menu featuring modern versions of 1950’s cocktail party fare including Swedish meatballs, pigs in a blanket, crudite with spinach dip and deviled eggs. Swinging cocktail time tunes, classic cars organized by Reid Trummel, chairman of the Monte Shelton Northwest Classic Rally, were on display in front of the hotel and models outfitted in period-correct fashion from Xtabay completed the scene. Guests were encouraged to wear their best 1950’s cocktail garb.

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PostHeaderIcon Maya Rudolph & Andy Samberg Spotted in Portland


Andy Samberg and Maya Rudolph as seen on Saturday Night Live

STARDAR REPORT: Actress/singer Maya Rudolph was spotted with her hubby, director Paul Thomas Anderson, and her fellow Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg on Saturday night at Gruner Restaurant in Portland's west end.

Fresh from an appearance on the season finale of SNL and a quick stop at Sasquatch, Queen Maya was in town to perform with her Prince cover band, Princess, at the Wonder Ballroom and according to sources was seen totally yucking it up and enjoying the food with her boys at Christopher Israel's famous local restaurant known for its Alpine fare.

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PostHeaderIcon A Good Night For Election Parties in Portland, Oregon


Gov. Barbara Roberts, Deborah Kafoury, Nik Blosser, Bailey supporters, Gov. Roberts, Jules Bailey, Jake Kindrachuk, John Halseth, Deborah, Robin Castro, Juan Martinez, Iaen Nylund

ELECTION NIGHT PDX: It has been a good week so far. On Monday our state recognized that #lovewins every time. And on Tuesday my favorite candidates won their respective races. I LOVE that Jules Bailey, Rob Nosse and Deborah Kafoury ended their campaigns with impressive and decisive wins. I had a chance to check out a couple of the election night parties—Jules party at Hatch, and Deborah's party at Jimmy Mak's—and, man, all I can say is politicians sure do love to party.

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PostHeaderIcon Love Wins: The Day I Proposed to Juan Martinez


Mayor Charlie Hales officiates his very first wedding with Bert and (middle name) Ernie, Jeana Frazzini, Juan Martinez, Serena Cruz Walsh, Diane Linn, Roey Thorpe, Maria Rojo de Steffey, Lisa Naito, Nancy Hales, Lisa Chickadonz, Christine Tanner, Mayor Charlie Hales, Jeana offiiciates her very first wedding, Juan, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and Rep. Jennifer Williamson

LOVE IS LOVE: It's still too early for me to fully take in ALL that happened on Monday, May 19th, 2014. Suffice to say it is now legal for same sex couples to get married in Oregon. And that I proposed to my partner of 19 years, Juan Martinez, in front of a television camera.

I am sure I will have more to say later...but for now I just want to share some of the photos I snapped yesterday.

With much love,


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