PostHeaderIcon Hot, Hot, Haute: Q Center's Very Cool Winter Gala

DRESSED FOR THE NINES: When I asked Tahoe Jackson how she was preparing herself for the onslaught of fabulousness that was Saturday night's Q Center's Winter Gala, Ms. Jacksonjust prior to hitting the stage of The Nines Hotel sixth floor ballroom, replied: "I survey the venue first, find out where the fire exits are, block them off with my band, pour the kerosene on with my voice, and then drop the match with my performance."

And, ladies and gents, on that night, Ms. Tahoe definitely dropped it like it was very, very hot.

In fact, calling the Q Center's big annual soiree a "winter gala" (actually, it used to be called The Mayor's Gala, but that's another story) is actually a bit of a misnomer, because that place was as sizzling as any hot (and haute) August night.

From the swanky VIP pre-function with its foie gras lollilops, pork belly and crab cakes apps (prepared by Urban Farmer Executive Chef Matt Christianson and his crew) to the incredibly delicious desserts (created by a team led by Pastry Chef Sean Sasser) it was all too tasty to be true.

It was also very, very posh: from Brenda Braxton's bright red gown, to the icy winter "wonderland" lounge seating, to the incredibly well-dressed (and very handsome) gents and glam gals including a slew of politicos, priests, activists, business leaders, wonks and drag artists. Well, Portland has just never looked better.

And here are some photos to prove my point (photo above clockwise from left: City Commissioners Amanda Fritz and Nick Fish, Bob Speltz's Community Service Award Winner Gwenn Baldwin and Q Center Executive Director Kendall Clawson):

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PostHeaderIcon Breaking Foodie News From EaterPDX: New Pizza Venture For Bruce Carey Restaurant Empire

Just posted this bit of breaking foodie news over at

Like pizza? So does Bruce Carey. Eater has heard that the cool dude behind BCRand such established eateries as Bluehour, Saucebox, 23Hoyt and clarklewis is looking to expand his empire to include one incredibly haute pie joint. Word is thatVia Tribunali will pop up downtown and will be a co-venture with another restaurant group that's already started to make a splash in the Portland market. No word on when Via Tribunali will actually open, as the venture is still in the early stages.
And on Monday
Jillian Koziol, the former private events coordinator for New York’s well-respected Blue Hill at Stone Barns will join Carey’s crew as BCR’s events person. Eater has been told that Koziol is the wife of Clyde Common Sous-Chef Chris DiMinno.
(Photo above from Via Tribunali's website here.)

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PostHeaderIcon Going Portland: Is Sarah Palin Making a "Surprise" Appearance at Portland Music Awards?

ROCK OUT GRANNY: I keep hearing a very random rumor that Sarah Palin is supposedly going to make a guest appearance at tomorrow night's Portland Music Awards.

Now, is the former guv of Alaska really going to show up at the Crystal Ballroom for Craig Marquardo's illustrious awards show (already featuring Daniel Baldwin)?

Or, maybe, just maybe, could it possibly be someone doing a fierce impersonation of the Vice Presidential candidate—that isn't Tina Fey?

My bet is that Palin will be a no show, and that a certain well known local radio personality will slide into the role.

Word is that this lovely lady—who bears little resemblance to Palin but is a fierce mimic—is already practicing her "you betcha's."

Hmmm...this could get interesting.

(Photo found at

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PostHeaderIcon Winter Gala: Dress to the Nines at The Nines in Support of Q Center

Q ON THIS: Yes, my darlings, it's time to pull out the good threads. That's because this Saturday night is The Winter Gala in support of the Q Center. Remember what a great time we had last year? Q Center Executive Director Kendall Clawson (pictured above with Storm Large from last year's soiree) is pulling out all the stops again for what is sure to be one of the highlights of the winter season.

Well, I'll just let Kendall speak for herself. Here is what she recently posted Facebook:

Ok, friends...(its almost time for) the most fabulously glittery event of the season and we really want to see you there! If you haven't purchased a ticket yet, there is still time and trust me, you don't want to miss this party! What a deal...we have one of the most affordable function tickets out there at just $75 for the Gala and $175 for VIP. (VIP is ridiculous this year: a hosted bar...all night long...along with foie gras, oysters and other upscale goodies!).

You'll enjoy bumping music from Tahoe Jackson, dancing with the Pete Petersen Orchestra, socializing and some surprises in our fantastic entertainment line up. And most importantly, your party ticket supports your very own Q Center. We really want to sell this party out, so put on your dancing shoes, sprinkle a little glitter and join us at the Nines Hotel for the Winter Gala on January 30th!

Couldn't have said it better myself. Click on the link here to purchase tickets!

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PostHeaderIcon Digging In: Fertile Ground's "Best of ScratchPDX"

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER: On Friday night The Fertile Ground Festival kicked off with a "special event" at Northeast's Curious Comedy Club. Called the "Best of ScratchPDX" it featured improv troupes, aerial performers as well as hard-to-describe solo acts. Here are a few photos from the late night fete.

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