PostHeaderIcon Cover Girl: Gossip's Beth Ditto Hits The Newstands

DITTO PAPER: Beth Ditto is the cover girl for Paper Magazine's "13th Annual Beautiful People Issue." Can't think of a better choice myself. Check out the new Gossip video of "Pop Goes The World." It's hot. Enough said. And, oh yeah, hat tip to Just Out.

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PostHeaderIcon Mayor Bear & Other Furry Celebs Honor Matthew Shepard

BEAR-ING IT ALL: The "Mayor Bear," created by Mayor Sam Adams (both pictured above), were just two of the celebs at Wilf's on Monday night at the "Bear To Make A Difference" event to benefit the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Portland was the first time that this very beary silent auction and cocktail party has left its Denver, Co. base and hit the road, and from the looks of it, the party was a huge success. Even my bear, a leather dude (that I outfitted with, no lie, some baby chaps I found at Build-A-Bear and turned into a tribute to my own hog-loving dad), went for its full value. Other big bids were placed on bears by Carol Burnett (her sweet bear re-created her famous curtains and rod ensemble she donned for her show's "Gone With the Wind" parody), Katy Perry, Mackenzie Phillips, and a slew of local drag stars, including one of the evening's honorees, Darcelle XV. And what did for Meryl Streep's "Mama Mia" bear go for, you ask? Well, hard to say, since it was lost somewhere between here and New York City prior to the event. "It will definitely show up," says event organizer Andrew Tweedie, "someday." Those who did show up for the swell soiree included Mayor Adams, Governor Barbara Roberts, her "best friend" Terry Bean, and Matthew's amazing mother, Judy Shepard.

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PostHeaderIcon Stardar Report: Julianne Moore Spotted at Nostrana

TELL US MOORE: The gorgeous and glamorous Julianne Moore was spotted at Nostrana last night enjoying dinner with hubby Bart Freundlich and their two kids. The actress and family are on a spring break road trip, and stopped into James Beard nominated Cathy Whims' restaurant for Sunday supper. No word if her friend and frequent director, the Portland-based Todd Haynes, joined the family for dinner.

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PostHeaderIcon Here Comes The Sun-Power: Better Living Show & After Party

LIVING IT UP: The third outing of the EnergyTrust Better Living Show—held this weekend at the Expo Center—quickly proved that there is more to sustainability than just new uses for hemp and what to do with empty water bottles. In fact, the lowly lit, highly-attended weekend event has all the makings of becoming a permanent fixture in my spring schedule. Where else can you see the inside of a fish, or the outside of a building, and find out how they are all interconnected? And, really, where else are you going to see Mayor Sam Adams, at the city's climate change booth, handing out planting supplies like he was some sort of civic-minded mix of Bob Barker and Johnny Appleseed? There were plenty of samples—organic ice cream, wine and crackers—as well avian sights including henhouses full of chickens and a few feathered friends from the Oregon Zoo. One of the big draws was the sustainable clothing section which included offerings from the likes of Semper fashions, which helped to host a late-night after party at the Benson Hotel on Saturday night.

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PostHeaderIcon Night Out: Drag Race Welcomes "Surprise" Judge & Guests

DRAG-LICIOUS: "You suck, Byron!" screamed the crowd. That's when I knew I was truly back at RedCap's Drag Race. Last season I was one of two main judges for the Thursday night show (hosted by Poison Waters), but this season I've only made a couple of guest appearances. Last night was one of them, as I was asked by Poison to fill in for a judge who had a last-minute change in his schedule. I was more than happy to be the "judge that didn't really matter," as the always hilarious Treyla Hitch kept referring to me. It was a chance to see, at mid-season, how much the ladies had improved. And, I have to say, they really have. Or I just went on a really good night. The challenge for the ladies was to come up with a showgirl costume that incorporated a flavor of Absolut vodka. And, my, the outfits were tasty and tasteful. Brita Filta basically came out on stage naked except for, what judge Maria called, a "cootch patch" (see above). And all the contestants really stepped up their game, none more so than Saturn (who last year performed as Sizzlean). I also have to give a shout out to Kourtini Capri, who had nearly everyone in tears on her "birthday" night. It was, indeed, a very special night. I even had a chance to visit with "The Jarics," Aden and Jordan, who are adult film actors and will be performing/stripping/dancing at RedCap on Saturday.

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