PostHeaderIcon Flashy Mob: Portland Farmers Market Springs Into Action

FARM FRESH: So the good folks at Pine State Biscuits thought that nearly 400 pieces of product would be more than enough to get them through the first day of this year's newly expanded Portland Farmers Market, the one that is held on Saturday on the campus of Portland State University.

And, well, they were wrong.

By 12:30 pm Pine State, as well as many other of the 120 vendors who were all part of the opening scene, were completely sold out....or had lines of 25-plus long.

Oh well, it was still a beautiful day and a great place to meet up with new vendors, like Petunia’s Pies & Pastries and Via Chicago (a Chi-town-style pizza stand) as well as old friends like Alma Chocolates, Salumeria di Carlo's and Rogue Creamery. It was also the spot to run into local celebs like increasingly svelte chef Morgan Brownlow (above) of piggy little Tails and Trotters as well as Metro President David Bragdon who knees were dirty from planting trees along the I-205 corridor all morning.

Ah, I love Portland in the springtime. It smells like dirt. And veggies. And cheese.

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PostHeaderIcon Spring Fling: Portland's Gay Men's Chorus Sings ABBAQueen

QUEEN SCENE: Storm Large did it. So did Mayor Sam Adams. Even I did it with KOIN weather-cutie Tim Joyce and dragster Bolivia Carmichael. We were all judges of the costume contests that were held during the intermissions at this weekend's performance by the Portland Gay Men's Chorus at Reed College's Kaul Auditorium.

Now, in the past, I've been sort of a bitch when it comes to this choir. Okay, I was an asshole.

But this weekend's shows were different. First off, the PGMC had the smart idea of mashing up the works of two legendary musical groups: Queen and Abba.  And then they put a story underneath the show, ABBAQueen, that had shades of both Boys in the Band and The Big Chill.

Truthfully, I wasn't expecting much and was really surprised when they asked me to be one of the judges for Friday's opening night. What surprised me even more, was how much I enjoyed the show. Sure, it was a little long, and there were a few soloists that seemed to be in search of a key, and at times, when friends in the audience shouted out to their friends onstage, it had the vibe of a high school talent show.

But overall,and here is where I eat my former words, the night was fab-u-lous.

When the choir sang in full voice a chill went down my back and the idea of tackling difficult pop songs like Bohemian Rhapsody showed that the choir had grown a lot since the last time I had caught their act, and not just in the numbers of dudes onstage (which it looks like its now around an impressive 150).

So congrats to all you boys in spandex and lycra: You've never looked or sounded better.

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PostHeaderIcon Lofty Ambitions: POW Party for Playground Director Libby Spears

POW-WOW: A spacious apartment on one of the upper floors of the new Indigo @ Twelve/West Building was a site for a pre-screening party for film director Libby Spears (pictured left above) whose documentary, Playground (executive produced by George Clooney), was one of the more intense main attractions at this weekend's Portland Women's Film Festival (aka POW Fest). Joining Spears inside the spacious space with the nearly 360-degree view was many of the sponsors as well was Oregonian film critic Shawn LevyThe Auteur's co-producer Amber Geiger and Bitch founding editor Andi Zeisler. Spinning tunes for the party was DJ Brandon Roberts.

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PostHeaderIcon Welcome Back, Spring. It'll Be Nice To Have You Around.


PostHeaderIcon The Stardar Report: Piers, Sharon, and Howie, Oh My!


AMERICA'S GOT PORTLAND: I am handing over the following post to my friend Sabrina Miller from  Miller reports from her "day with the stars," i.e. the celebs who host America's Got Talent, which has been taping episodes of the NBC reality show at the Keller Auditorium.

Here is her report:

America's Got Talent is currently taping for the show here in Portland before moving onto the final rounds in Vegas. I was invited as a guest of one of the talent acts...and was escorted into the Keller Auditorium where I sat with other friends and families of the talent. They brought out the talent and everyone went nuts. Piers Morgan, Sharon Osborne, and Howie Mandel (the photo above is of the previous seasons judge lineup that included "The Hoff" )were there along with AGT host, Nick Cannon. One of the celebrity judges, Sharon Osborne said, "I feel like I fit in here in Portland, you guys are weird, and I'm weird and I love it." At one point the judges said we were better than the Los Angeles audience and they just might petition to always come back to Portland. I personally love that we are seeing more and more celebrities here in our town and that more studios and production companies are seeing the value of coming to Portland. If you missed them on the tour, you can still get your talent act into them. The deadline for sending a video is March 21st, so hurry! AGT debuts June 1.~ Sabrina Miller

Thanks, Sabrina! Now if we can only find out what restaurants they dined at. Anybody out there see this trio around P-town?

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