PostHeaderIcon Booty Call: Shopping in Portland is Getting Weird-Assy.

SHOP TALK: It's an interesting time to mix the words "shopping" and "Portland" together.

Saks Fifth Avenue is pulling out of town (I'd heard about this a year ago, but couldn't believe it would really happen). And, no matter what you've heard about them plopping down a Saks Fifth Avenue "Off 5th" outlet out in Bridgeport Village, the inside word is that's just a "possibility" (read: probably won't happen).

Also leaving Pioneer Place: New Balance and Godiva.

But I am excited about the arrival of H & M.

And it would be really great if Bloomingdales or Neiman Marcus would take over the gaping hole that Saks is leaving in the midst of our downtown core (hell, I'd even take a Lord & Taylor or Old Navy just to make sure that space doesn't stay empty). But, who knows how this whole downtown shopping thing will work out.

For now I'll take comfort in a few shops around town that I do live for.

And, no its not just Grocery Outlet, although the "Grout-let" just off Sandy Boulevard is heaven-on-a-stick, and the only place in town that caters to homo-hipsters tastes at dirt-ass-pauper prices. And, let me assure you, not all Grout-lets are alike. In fact, a few are downright scary.

Speaking of scary, I love taking the drive to Highway 99's H Mart. This Asian supermarket (inside a former Haggens) is sort of like a super-sized version of Koifusion, the Korean taco truck that travels around town.

H Mart is Asia meets America meets WTF? I've seen some weird ass shit in here including "Penguin" (it was a brand, not a product) as well as all sorts of living and almost-alive animals and veggies.

And, really, what other grocery store in town offers you the chance to pick up a "blooming bidet" with so much butt-cleansing "options" (see photo above).

Speaking of butts, have you seen the butt-crack revealing mannequins at Gap:

or the naked ass mannequins at Forever 21 (what is it about butts this spring?):

Any-hoo, tomorrow, Friday, March 26th, another one of my fave stores, Fat Fancy, will host artist and professor, Frau Fiber, who is doing a performance in front of the store.  Frau Fiber will construct a "Columbia" style jacket, in her size, made out of plastic bags, on a bicycle powered sewing machine! The project is part of the Gestures of Resistance exhibition at Portland's Museum of Contemporary Craft.Frau Fiber will need volunteers to pedal the sewing machine. Come on down to help power the machine, or just to check it out and shop. The event goes down from 11:30 am-5:30 pm, Friday, March 26th, Fat Fancy, 1013 SW Morrison Street.

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PostHeaderIcon BRO's Jeana Frazzini To Join President Obama On White House South Lawn.

ROLL CALL: Now that the  health care bill is taken care of, time to get on to more important matters—like the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. The President, First Lady and the little Obama's will host this year’s roll on Monday, April 5, 2010, on the South Lawn of the White House. The theme, “Ready, Set, Go!” is keeping with the First Lady's wish to promote health and wellness. The event will feature live music, sports courts, cooking stations, storytelling and, of course, Easter egg rolling. It will also include at least one Oregon family: Basic Rights Oregon's Executive Director Jeana Frazzini, her partner K.D. Parman, and their two kids (Jeana pictured above with a "Sister" from last year's BRO dinner). White House Easter Egg Roll tickets were distributed through an online lottery system, allowing guests from across the United States to participate in a tradition that dates back to 1878.

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PostHeaderIcon Kooza-palooza: Cirque du Soleil’s Adam Miller Has Northwest Roots

MILLER TIME:There are those who one day dream of running away with the circus. And then there those who don’t, but still end up under the big top. Or, in the case of Adam Miller, under Cirque du Soleil’s “Grand Chapiteau.”

Miller is the artistic director for Kooza, the latest creation to rotate through Portland from the circus-themed entertainment factory currently touring 18 shows all over the world.

Not long after April Fools Day, Miller and his cast and crew of nearly a hundred will stake out a large patch of land under the Southwest end of the Marquam Bridge with their distinctive yellow and blue enclave. It’s always a sight to behold, as surely will be the show, which opens April 9.

Kooza is a return to the origins of the Montreal-based company that has taken the world (and particularly) Las Vegas by storm and showcases a combination two circus/Cirque traditions: acrobatic performance and the art of clowning. The show’s writer and director David Shiner, says, “Kooza is about human connection and the world of duality, good and bad…the tone is fun and funny, light and open. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it’s very much about ideas, too."

As is Miller, who admits he landed a gig with Cirque almost by accident.

“I know (working for Cirque) is a dream for many,” Miller said from San Diego where the show played prior to its Portland stay. “But I never ever thought about it.”

Perhaps that because Miller’s dance card was full, literally.

(Click on "read more" below to hear more about Miller's dreams)

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PostHeaderIcon Stardar Report: Dreamgirl/American Idol To Sing At Blazer Game?

DREAM TEAM: Word on the street is that Dreamgirls cast member--and American Idol finalist--Sayesha Mercado just might sing the national anthem at the Portland Blazers game against The Thunders on April 12th at the Rose Garden Arena.

Mercado, who hasn't played the Garden since she was a season 7 AI finalist, will be in Portland for Broadway Across America's production of Dreamgirls currrently touring the country. She plays the lead role of "Deena Jones," the same one Beyonce played in the movie version that garnered another AI alum, Jennifer Hudson, an Academy award. No word if Mercado has actually confirmed the Rose Garden gig.

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PostHeaderIcon CATS Chat: Melissa White & Peter Zuckerman Tell Tail Tales

CLAWS & WHISPERS: Thanks to all of you who shared stories about your cats with me. They were all amazing, outrageous, and downright fun. But I could only pick one winner to win tickets to tomorrow night's opening performance of CATS. And that would be Melissa White. Her story about Mika (below) not only made me laugh but also tugged at my heartstrings. I think it will do the same to you. I am also including a tale by Peter Zuckerman (above with his cat Big Z). He is a famed reporter, author and partner to Mayor Sam Adams. He's also a really good writer, and I wanted to share his story too. Enjoy!

Mika by Melissa White

My ex lived on a farm out in Clackamas County and one weekend they told me one of the feral barn cats had a litter of kittens.  They thought of the cats as disposable yet essential members of the farm.  Barn Cats were not fixed so they would have more feral kittens to keep the rodents under control and give the neighboring coyotes a snack and keep them away from their more precious livestock.

I understand the hierarchy of the farm it is so brutal but to a city girl like me, it broke my heart to see 6 lovely perfect kittens all of whom had a predestined fate to become coyote feed.  

The slowest and tiniest of the litter was a runt with whom I met eyes and could not let go. I thought her black and white markings were so distinguished and unique.  Her white face with black mask and black heart shaped nose was so lovely and her piercing green-yellow eyes had so much intelligence and promise. The thought of her being killed by a coyote or other predatory animal broke my heart and as she captivated me so, I adopted her.

(Mika's story continues, as does Zuckerman's and Big Z's, at the "read more" button below)

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