PostHeaderIcon Tales From The Dark Side: Roey Thorpe's Prison-ish Potluck & Other Dating Disasters

DATE NIGHT: Last night I laughed my ass off at the Bagdad Theater. That's because a fundraiser for the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon featured "Stories from The Dark Side of Dating." And, I have tell I was super impressed by the line-up of people who I consider my friends (on Facebook and off) who lined up to tell their tales of dating woe. Standouts included Courtenay Hameister's painful and suprisingly poignant "hot tub" party experience, Mark Wiener's life-affirming "moment," Jeff Cogen's date from Jewish-retirement hell, and Aaron Mesh's "first" date that involved girls against boys dodgeball. But none stood out like PPAO's Executive Director Roey Thorpe's (pictured above with one of the evening's co-host's Karol Collymore) pie/prison date. Thorpe has allowed me to share the story. It is amazing! Make sure to click on the READ MORE button right below the first paragraph of Roey's story.

Blind Date Story, by Roey Thorpe

The date got set up while I was playing in a poker game in the back of an old warehouse a couple of years ago.  It was a blind date, arranged by two other players, both women, a couple, whose last names I still don't know.  Both last names and women are rare in the world of underground poker games, so at the time it just seemed perfectly fine, but that might be because I had been single for 2 years—2 years!—and was long overdue for something good to happen in the romance department.

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PostHeaderIcon On The Town Tonight: Oracle Video Debuts at Dante's.

VH-FUN: Oracle will play tonight at Dante's as part of that downtown's club 10th-anniversary celebration. Curt Shulz covered all that in The Oregonian in last Friday's A & E. At the end of the article he mentions that the band will debut a video directed by James Westby. What he didn't mention was the tight deadline Westby and the band gave each other to get the video done. Shot just last Sunday in a very cool Northeast studio (see above) as well as other locations, Westby has had to hustle major ass to get all the post-production done in time for tonight's show. And, I have to tell, if he was able to make that deadline, this is going to be one trippy video.

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PostHeaderIcon Nick Pickin': Commish Fish Re-election Party at Holocene.

TRAWLING TIME: Politicos, media types and community leaders gathered within the very hip environs of Holocene (which the night before had seen the musical stylings of Jaguar and Logan Lynn) for the launch of Commissioner Nick Fish's re-election campaign (pictured above with labor bigwig Pete Savage). While there wasn't any snapper, flounder or carp apps anywhere to be seen, there was plenty of pizza and delicious desserts via a Last Thursday favorite: Petunia Pies & Pastries.

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PostHeaderIcon Say Cheese: Diane Morgan's Superbowl Snack Attack

WHO DAT DIP: Diane Morgan knows how to cook. An acclaimed cookbook author, Morgan is also an accomplished culinary teacher. That's why I thought she might be the perfect person to ask just what we should serve for snacks during Sunday's big Superbowl Game.

And, boy, did Diane score a touchdown with her Chorizo Chile Con Queso.

"I thought sports fans deserved bigger flavors and real-cheese tastes! The goopy, cheesy stuff they serve at ballparks, stadiums, and arenas does not qualify as food in my book and I wanted to create a cravable dip," says Morgan who will likely be watching the game with high distractibility since her hometown Steelers aren’t playing. "I’ll be rooting for the Saints (New Orleans) since that is my son’s favorite team."

The following recipe is from Delicious Dips by Diane Morgan and is featured on her website (where a video will lead the less foodie inclined through each and every step of her killer recipe).

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PostHeaderIcon Get Lost: Perez Hilton Bashes Matthew Fox's Move To Oregon.

PEREZ SLAMS PORTLAND: Celebu-blogger Perez Hilton took time out of his busy day to trash the state of Oregon. It was in reference to the much buzzed about move of actor Matthew Fox to our fair state once the last season of Lost wraps up.

We've mentioned Matt's move several times on Facebook, Twitter, and—that is ever since Fox made the announcement on The Regis and Kelly Show last spring.

Well, Miss Perez decided it was high time to tell Fox what he thought of the move.

From "With the final season of Lost only a day away from beginning, Matthew Fox is looking to the future of his career and he doesn't see TV work in it. In fact, he maybe leaving the Hollywood lifestyle for good, to live in Oregon and do…nothing."

(Fox) says: "My family will move to Oregon, back to the country I love. I miss the four seasons climate. We're building a house up there and I'll be closer to my brothers and my mother. Our kids will be closer to their first cousins."

So what's Hilton's response? "How boring nice! Those seasons are going to get really old really quick! Trust us, we know!"

Really, Perez. How would you know? Inquiring minds are curious how a Florida boy would have the 411 on Oregon.

By the way, according to my source, Matthew's brother used to live in (North Portland) and would visit him here a lot. According to my source: "I'm betting that's why and how he digs PDX and may move here."

If I had some magic Mac pen I would write all over Perez's face.

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