PostHeaderIcon Drew Knew: Bluehour Chef De Cuisine's Superbowl "Experience"

ON BLUEHOUR BAYOU: Bluehour's Chef de Cuisine Drew Lockett was born and raised in New Orleans.

So yesterday's big game wasn't just any old Superbowl for this Bayou-born boy.

"You can't be from NOLA and not be a Saints fanatic," he says.

That's why I thought it might be nice to check in with the Cajun-friendly cook on how he spent his day and here is what he had to say.

"It was like going back to church, and I haven't been to church since May 25th, 1993," says Lockett. "(I) had friends over, including some Louisiana ex-pats and we watched the game on my prized 50-inch flat-panel HD TV. It was a religious experience. I made chicken and sausage jambalaya with poche's andouille from Vachery, Louisiana, the best andouille in the state. We drank Miller High Life long necks and watched the New Orleans Saints prove they are the best football team in the NFL, which also means the world. This was so much more than a game to my city—with what has happened down there in the recent past, the fact that we have never had such a great team, Mardi Gras is right around the corner, my birthday is here and that the Saints are carrying the spirit of the country—it really couldn't have been any more perfect. It has lifted the spirits of an entire state and a beautiful city that is often not so highly regarded. Just look at what the owner of the team said when he had the Vince Lombardi trophy raised high about his head, he didn't comment on the game, the team or the fans right out of the gate, the first words out of his mouth was: "we are back baby, New Orleans is back!!!" That is what it was about yesterday more than the Superbowl. New Orleans is back baby! Hell, I wish I was in New Orleans right now."

(Photo of Lockett from his Facebook profile)


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PostHeaderIcon Tres Beaux: Young Patrons Art It Up At Portland Art Museum Ball.

STARRY, STARRY NIGHT: It was an affair of the art for young patrons of the Portland Art Museum at the third annual Beaux-Arts Ball. Held Saturday nighht on the third floor of PAM it allowed what some might consider as a staid crowd to let their freak flag fly. And, boy did they ever. Encouraged to "Come As You Art"—and don the ensemble of your favorite arty icon—there was plenty to gawk at throughout the evening including Ball Chairs April Severson and Krista Swan (dressed to the nines as a "force of nature") and two of the hottest "Edie"-look-a-likes to ever grace P-town. For the night, PAM's grand ballroom was transformed essentially into a nightclub more akin to Studio 54 or the infamous Limelight complete with private cabanas as well as bleacher seating. And as for the food and drinks? Well, sloppy joes, mini-corn dogs and waffle fries were served to help patrons soak up all the signature cocktails that whooshed down a two-story luge at the oddly entertaining "Fur Bar." Yes, it was that kind of party. Onstage Seattle’s "Queen of Burlesque," Lily Verlain, painted herself into a Picasso. Her performance was followed by Morningwood, a Lady Gaga-ish dance band, and Gang of Four's always entertaining Dave Allen, who DJ'ed late into the night.

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PostHeaderIcon UPDATED: GASP! I'm An Opera Blogger...Again?

UPDATE 10:55 PM CURTAIN: The cast is taking their final bows. I am spent. I mean, SPENT. I can't imagine how the people in the show feel. I mean, they just belted their lungs out for three hours--WITHOUT MICROPHONES. I mean, come on, opera isn't for pussies. But Cosi Fan Tutti (which sort of sounds it shoud have some sort of ice cream served on top of it) is definitely for those of opera-phobes out there who think they don't have what it takes to see a show with famous-ish people who sing in a foreign language (they have English words at the top of the stage). This show not only dazzles and delights but it will also have you laughing your ass off, that is if your butt doesn't fall asleep first.


UPDATE 9:10 PM INTERMISSION: Mozart's or as I like to call him, Wolfie, music is simply gorgeous. And on a very simple set like this it really standouts. The whole thing is very different from the Glass opera I last blogged at. Although it was written in 1790 it feels much more like a screwball comedy of the 1930's with just a dash of The Jerry Springer Show added in to make it feel contemporary. The crowd is eating it up. That's the weird thing about opera. I always thought it was for old folks, but the young people in the audience seem to be having as much as fun as the gray-haired set. The story for those who don't know--and before this show I didn't--is about two Lucy and Ethel types being chased by a couple of dudes who look like they spent too much time watching Conan O'Brien and The Marx Bros. The set is toooo beautiful. And whenever any color appears on the stage it literally pops. And the first hour and half went by much quicker than I imagined. i really enjoy Ryan MacPherson. It's nice to see him alive. The last show I saw him was Orphee were he played a ghost. Before that he played another ghost in Turn of the Screw. I was shocked a group of women from San Francisco flew up here just to see Christine Brandis. "You know she's incredibly famous in the opera world," said one woman. "And she is gay!" I really like her work too I said to her stalker/fan. Kudos to hometown gal Angela Niederloh who is literally kicking ass a faux slut. Sidenote: I wish they weren't tearing down the set. It would make a great gay bar. Speaking of cute guys, that Chris Mattaliano is turning into one silver fox. Watch out, Anderson Cooper, the Opera's General Director (who is next directing The Barber of Selville) is gunning for your title.


7 pm, PRE-SHOW: "It's a gynological exam," screams Courtenay Hameister. She's just stepped onto the completely mirrored stage—in a dress mind you—of the opera I am live blogging tonight. It's called Cosi Fan Tutti. And, like any good blogger, I know absolutely absolutely nothing about the show that Portland Opera is presenting tonight. Other than, I just found out, it's a THREE HOUR show. I mean, really? Gilligan and the gang only went on a three hour tour and we all know how that turned out. Oh, well. My bad for not doing my "research" which would've probably involved checking out I also just found out that they are dumping CFT's amazing moving mirrored set once the show is actually dumping it and selling it for scrap metal. I should've paid more attention to the back stage tour but I am surrounded by some of my favorite people including brand new vegan/Oregonian foodie Grant Butler, the aforementioned Tits McGee (that's my nickname for Court) and and an actor who can puke on cue, John Breen.

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PostHeaderIcon Rock It: Oracle & Storm Large Burn Up The Stage at Dante's.

NIGHT VISIONS: Oracle—with guest star Storm Large—literally tore up the stage last night at Dante's. The house was jam-packed with kids from Wieden + Kennedy to film directors (including James Westby who debuted a new Oracle video he made in just four short days) to cupcake bakers to lawyers to...well..just everybody was there. Yes, it was definitely a hot time in the Old Town that night.


PostHeaderIcon Drag Race Redux: Poison Kick Starts Season 2 of Hot Red Cap Show.

RU TWO: Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race has hit the airwaves. Which means, of course, that Poison Water and her pit crew are back on track with the second season of Portland's live version of that show at the Red Cap. No, I am not one of the judges. They've gone with a new trio (including the always fabulous Maria), new challenges, and a whole new roster of contestants (well, except for one who has changed her name, but is still as out-there as ever). Watching part of last night's festivities I couldn't help but notice that amongst the church ladies, and Jersey Shore wannabe's there was one "gal" who really stood out. And that would be "Trailer Hitch" (pictured above with Poison) She was what one of the judges called a "hot mess." Thank god, every contest needs at least one.

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