PostHeaderIcon Matador & Maricones: Weekend Horniness on West Burnside

NO BULL: I was told not to talk about "it." That "it" already has a big enough following. "Dude," said one guy, "it's a really good thing. Don't mess it up for us, okay?" So what exactly is "it"?

Well, "it" is just about the best queer night in town.

Three out of every four Saturday nights The Matador on West Burnside is host to "Maricones." Billed as a night for "Homos and their Homeys" it's a super-cool boys night out in a super-cool, old-school dive. Well, it's not really that divey, not like it used to be. There aren't any barflies hanging around and Starship Troopers played on the big screen. The main attraction is the amazing number of beautiful men and women that look like they've just got off the bus from Brooklyn, New York and Boise, Idaho. Like clockwork they show up en masse, every Saturday night, around 11 pm and stay until the barkeeps turn on the lights. I think the draw for this sort-of-secret dance night also has something to do with the really cheap drinks and really hot DJs including Moisti, Trans Fat and Ill Camino. So, if you go there—and I know you will—don't tell anybody you heard about it from me. I want to keep going there too.

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PostHeaderIcon Chefs & Storm Large Ham (Sandwich) It Up For Haiti

I posted this last Friday over at Eater PDX and wanted to add the photo slideshow to the mix. Enjoy.

Hand-crafted sammies piled high to the sky, a selection of wine and Storm Large (above with my partner, Juan Martinez, and my friend, Jill Spitznass) were the main attractions—alongside a boatload of art—at Hands On for Haiti held last night inside a deserted, Pearl District Eddie Bauer store. For only a buck each (and a $15 entry fee) patrons could load up on bite-sized sandwiches from Bunk, Meat Cheese Bread and Kenny and Zuke’s, among others. There was also a wall-o-restaurants where you could bid on gift certificates for such hot spots as Olympic Provisions, Clyde Common and Gruner. Oddly enough the value of the certificate was also the minimum bid. Translated: bidders were paying more for their meals than they were valued at. But, hey, it was all for Mercy Corp. Spotted working the crowded room was Ned Ludd chef/owner Jason French(right) and Andrea Slonecker who was recently named the Executive Director of the Portland Culinary Alliance.

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PostHeaderIcon House Party: Karol Collymore Gets Down To Biz in NoPo

THAT GIRL: Here's what I have to say about Karol Collymore, the young-ish woman (above) who is currently out campaigning to sit in the seat of her old boss, Jeff Cogen, as a Multnomah County Commish (Cogen's now running for County Chair). I love her style. Love her smile. But most of all, I love her stand on the issues facing our community. That's why I joined a group of friends at a "House Party" in her honor on Saturday afternoon at the home of Judge Kemp and Eric Schnell. Of all the candidates running for that position I believe she has the most experience—in large part due  to her years working with Cogen—to help out a county that could benefit from her fresh ideas and her boundless energy. She has what it takes, as one person at the party said, "Karol isn't really running for office, she's just running for a promotion."

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PostHeaderIcon Stardar Report: Ricky Martin Tweeted Me!

OH, RICKY YOU'RE SO FINE: Never thought I would ever say the following words: Ricky Martin sent me a message (see above).

It came via Twitter and was a direct message from the Latin-heartthrob-who-just-came-out-of-the-closet to me.

Yes, me. I know! Hard to believe, right? And the fact it came on April 1st doesn't help.

But, here are the facts.

That evening I tweeted @theonetruebix with the following: "bout time U finally came out..what were you waiting for @ricky_martin ? It was in response to bix's tweet: "I'm gay." "I will make you gayer."

I never heard from bix. But, about an hour and half later I got the following message from Ricky: "im very happy!" The link goes to his website, specifically to the section where he comes out as a "fortunate homosexual man."

I freaked when I realized it was Ricky who responded. And, frankly, didn't believe it.

But word is Ricky's been following his Twitter account pretty closely ever since he came out.

Still, I have no clue why, out of the thousands of tweets about him, he decided to respond to that particular one.

So what was my response? Did I follow up with probing questions about his life, boyfriend and children?

No, I just said, "I am very happy for you, too!" He's already removed that response from his messages.

Sigh. Living La Vida Twitter.

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PostHeaderIcon No Joke: Tori Spelling's Brother Moving To & Marrying In Oregon?

MOVE OVER, DANNY BALDWIN: Is Randy Spelling, aka "Tori's little brother," moving to Oregon?

Randy is the only son of pioneering television producer Aaron Spelling (of Charlie's AngelsDynastyStarsky and HutchFamilyHotelThe RookiesBeverly Hills 90210Melrose PlaceThe Love BoatFantasy IslandVega$Hart to HartThe ColbysT.J. HookerNightingalesSunset Beach7th HeavenCharmedBurke's LawHoney WestThe Mod Squad, and S.W.A.T. fame) and his wife Candy Spelling (who is perhaps best known for her "wrapping room" in their spacious Hollywood home).

Randy also used to be an actor starring in such illustrious films as Hot Tamale and Hoboken Hollow. Now he's a life coach based in the Los Angeles area. Or at least he used to be based in L.A. A very reliable source recently ran into Randy with his fiancee, a psychic, as the couple were planning their upcoming nuptials which supposedly will take place somewhere outside of Portland this summer.

OMG, "Donna Martin" is going to be in a bridesmaid Portland, Oregon! Where's my camera?

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