PostHeaderIcon IACP "International Sex" Parties: Media Mixer & Midnight Dinner

GO-GO-GOURMANDS: When IACP co-chair Ken Rubin was asked Thursday night, at a media mixer held at the Heathman Hotel, if he thought attendees at the culinary confab currently taking place in Portland were "hooking up" like others do at less food-obsessed conventions his reply was vintage Rubin: "Oh yeah, it's an international sex party." IACP President Scott Givot agreed: "it's a food orgy." Although the Heathman media event didn't quite live up to orgy status, the "secret midnight dinner" (aka the "late night reunion of Team Hebberoy") did. The super-exclusive very late supper (entrees didn't start coming out of the wood-fired oven until way after midnight) wasn't so much a return to Naomi Pomeroy and Michael Hebb former glories (it seemed like they barely noticed each other throughout the dinner), but it did include a sneak peek at the space where coffee roaster Caffe Vita is opening its upscale pizza joint Via Tribunali. It also featured a a couple of other cooks in the kitchen besides Hebb: Ned Ludd's Jason French (above right with music maker Alicia J. Rose and Naomi Pomeroy) and Spring Hill's Mark Fuller. Making the night even more complete were musical performances by Y La Bamba and Tahoe Jackson who brought the funk into the wee hours of the morn and turned the candle-lit dinner into a late-night dance party.

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PostHeaderIcon Stardar Report: First Pics From IACP Parties at The Nines & Fenouil

FOODIE FOLLIES: Ruth Reichl is crazy for Portland's food carts. "That stuff is great!" said Reichl (above left with Eater PDX's Eva Hagberg) in regards to sampling one of the offerings from one of downtown's most frequented wheeled-eateries, Nong's Khao Man Gai, at last night's Host City Reception for 900 IACP'ers (and loads of local folks). Reichl had landed just an hour earlier at PDX International Airport where she was immediately whisked off to the party at The Nines, followed by dinner at Le Pigeon and a late night 10th Anniversary soiree for Gastronomica magazine at Fenouil. Tidbits discovered throughout the night: Country Cat's Adam Sappington claims he doesn't wear underwear under his overalls; Clyde Common's Nate Tilden wasn't sure just who was eating at his restaurant that night (he thought Reichl was at his joint before he found out she was at Le Pigeon); local food critics Patrick Coleman and Karen Brooks (who is acting as Reichl's de facto concierge for the convention) still don't like getting their photos published; when Madhur Jaffrey (above center with Gastronomica editor Darra Goldstein) joined the party at Fenouil someone whispered it was "like Mick Jagger had walked into the room"; Atlantic food writer Faith Willinger (above right with Urban Farmer chef Matt Christianson) looks great in pink clogs; and Portland can really look like Manhattan if you get enough New Yorkers in one room.

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PostHeaderIcon And Now A Word from A Really Kick Ass Coffee Co.

GO GREEN: Okay, so in case you haven't yet been beaten over the head with it, it's Earth Day. The 40th anniversary of Earth Day, to be more precise. Thankfully, in the last four decades a green lifestyle has evolved into something a bit more cosmopolitan than patchouli and "green" versions of regular goods that cost twice as much, look twice as bad and work half as well.  Green is now fully chic, thanks to companies like Kicking Horse Coffee who keep social responsibility a decidedly fun and sexy affair.

For those not in the know, Kicking Horse Coffee is now the most popular Fair Trade and Organic gourmet coffee line in Canada, and has just landed in the Portland area and across the Western US. In honor of Earth Day, today the coffee roasters at KHC are donating 50 percent of all web sales from ( to the Columbia Valley Greenhouse, which supports sustainable education and gardening practices, and supporting a number of Earth Day events. Contests and oodles of content abound on their Twitter (@kcknghrsecoffee) and Facebook pages today as well.

You can find it in Safeway, Zupan's or other natural food markets around town. With cheeky roasts like "Kick Ass" (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and slick recycled steel packaging, Kicking Horse doesn't let doing the right thing get in the way of having an irreverently good time. That's an Earth Day tradition I can get behind.

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PostHeaderIcon Getting Down To Business: Oregonians Against Discrimination Business Leaders Luncheon

GOOD FOR BUSINESS: Basic Rights Oregon, of which my partner, Juan Martinez, is Development Director held its "Oregonians Against Discrimination Business Leaders Luncheon" on Wednesday at the Oregon Convention Center. The event provided an "opportunity for fair-minded community, business and government leaders to gather to engage in a dialogue about gay and transgender equality," as well as eat a tasty lunch. Evan Wolfson, founder and Executive Director of Freedom to Marry (above center with Terry Bean and BRO Executive Director Jeana Frazzini), was the event's keynote speaker sharing the national perspective on how Oregon's leadership can impact the movement for marriage equality. Political candidates such as Bill Bradbury, Jeff Cogen and Karol Collymore mixed it up with business leaders such as Bill Dickey and Terry Bean. With nearly 500 attendees even Wolfson was suprised by the turn-out. "I can't believe so many people took time away from their work for the equality," said Wolfson following the important (and brief—it lasted just under an hour) event.

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PostHeaderIcon Toast The Host: Birthday Celebration at Chef Studio

HAIL TO THE CHEF: Tip of the toque to poetic Portland chef Robert Reynolds (above) who gathered with friends from the food world and beyond Tuesday night at his Chef Studio to celebrate, as his invite stated, "the fact I have another birthday." It also came off as a bit of an early IACP function as many well-wishers are planning on attending this week's culinary convention. Spotted in the crowd were Gruner owner/chef Chris Israel, food writers Heidi Yorkshire and Camas Davis and theater playwright and critic Rob Newton. As Reynolds himself said today in a nice note, "Le Bash was wonderful with the room packed with love and well wishes." And, I must add, the most incredible pate I've ever tasted.

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