PostHeaderIcon Sarah Silverman's Classy Act: Portland Comedy Workshop Includes Celeb Instructor

TO SARAH, WITH LOVE: Just in from in from Livewire host/hottie Courtenay Hameister: "Sarah (Silverman) showed up to our (Saturday) comedy workshop with (Family Guy writers) Alec Sulkin and John Viener. She ended up getting onstage and chatting for a while about her own show. She's incredibly charming." To which Hameister added when she sent me the fuzzy cell photo above, "How fucking adorable is Alec? Jesus H."


PostHeaderIcon The Stardar Report (Late Edition): Sarah Silverman in Portland and at Livewire to Support Her "Boyfriend."

SARAH, TALL & INSANE: Why, yes, that is comic Sarah Silverman sitting right in front of you at the Aladdin Mission Theatre. And, no, she is not about to get onstage to perform on Livewire. At least that is what I've been told. According to my source Silverman is in town to support the dude she is currently dating, Alec Sulkin. He is one of the funny writers behind "The Family Guy" who is scheduled to appear with other writers from that show at a taping of Livewire tonight. Added celeb-sighting bonus: some other random dude named Daniel Stern will also be making his Livewire debut tonight.

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PostHeaderIcon The Stardar Report: Quentin Tarantino Is In P-Town!

(Photo of Quentin Tarantino via photo gallery here)

PULP FRICTION: If its on Twitter it must be true. Hearing word from friends—and friends Twitter pages—that famed film director Quentin Tarantino is in Portland. At least he was yesterday, when he was spotted at Portland's Hollywood glam hideout: the Hotel deLuxe. Today, I got word of another sighting, but alas when I went to check it out he wasn't there. So where are you dear Quentin? Inquiring minds (and certain local film directors) want to know.

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PostHeaderIcon You Can Take it With You: Five Questions For Actor/Director/Swell Gal Beth Harper

HARPER-VILLE: Beth Harper is one of my favorite people in the entire world. And she's also a damn good actress and director as well as the Artistic Director and founder of the Portland Actors Conservatory, an accredited conservatory of acting (National Association of Schools of Theatre). This week PAC inaugurates its 25th Anniversary Season with the opening of “You Can’t Take it With You,” directed by Harper. The production features Tim Stapleton (“Fool for Love” at Coho Theatre), Joe Healy (NW Classical Theatre), Jeff Gorham (Re-Theatre Instrument), Dave Bodin (“The Uneasy Chair”), and several other area guest artists as well as second year Conservatory students. In honor of the auspicious ocassion I thought it might be nice to talk to Harper about her school and her new show (that includes Dan Selivonchick pictured above in a photo by Frank Dimarco). And here's what the awesome lady had to say:


Did you ever think you would be celebrating a quarter-century of running your own school?

Beth Harper: I know this is probably going to sound crazy, but no, I never thought about it once. I worked at this business much like an alcoholic in AA: One step at a time, one moment at a time, one obstacle at a time, one day at a time…… as if my life depended on it. I guess when you add up all those minutes, moments and days the end result is 25 years.

How did you make this production different from other productions of this show?

I’m not sure I am trying to make it different. I love ALL that it is and how it does what it does. It is my favorite classic American play of the era (30’s). I just want to do it really, really well. That’s my priority. This is actually my third production of either acting or directing it and oddly enough this production feels like the first time I have ever done it. I just love tearing it down and putting it back together. I always find something new that I didn’t see the first time.

How is different for PAC?

In celebration of our birthday I am also using this opportunity to surround myself with people who have made a difference in my life and the life of the conservatory. My first student ever at the Conservatory, Georgia Cacy, is playing Penny, Tim Stapelton, set designer to the Gods, and a dear, dear friend, is moving from designing to acting, because he is Grandpa in real life (at least in my book) and I just wanted to celebrate our relationship by casting him as "Grandpa." I also wouldn’t have done this show if I couldn’t have had the artistic team I have worked with for 25 years. I call them, “the boys”. Jeff Seats, set design, Jeff Forbes, “Lighting design and Chris Mikolavich, Sound design. I also wanted to celebrate the cultural diversity of the Conservatory by casting a second year student, Natasha Terranova, as an Irish maid and the maids boyfriend, played by alumni Lior Zadok, as a native of India. The Russian Countess is played by an African American (Second year student, Arlena Barnes).

Where do you hope to be in 25 years from now?

Well, I’ll be 80 so I guess I’ll be napping.  If you mean the Conservatory in 25 years…… PAC will be on a large campus with two theatres and classroom space galore and student housing and we will have a masters program to add to our already accredited 2 year professional Actor Training Program. Well honestly, the possibilities are endless.

Can we expect to see you in more productions in the future?

Aw, thank you so much for asking. I would love to. Now that the school is on firm ground and I have an amazing and supportive team to help carry the load maybe I will venture out again.. I think I have been in denial about how much I have missed it. Last year when you and I performed in "The Laramie Project , Ten Years Later" project, that was the first time I had been on stage in four years and I thought my heart would break from happiness.

"You Can’t Take It With You” by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart, Feb. 17 through March 7, Thurs. through Sat. at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm, Portland Actors Conservatory’s Firehouse Theatre, 1436 SW Montgomery St., Portland, Ore., 97201. For tickets visit online at or by calling (503) 274- 1717; prices range $13-$25.



PostHeaderIcon Night of the Never-Ending Roast: Hacks & Flacks Yack It Up at Rose Garden Arena

TOASTY ROAST: Okay, so I guess I should've known by the second time that the cast of Glee came out to sing (actually it was a Grant High School show choir) that we were in for a long night at the 15th Annual Portland Roast Festival held Thursday night on the floor of the Rose Garden Arena to benefit the Portland School Foundation. In the good old days I remember this was all about the evening's centerpiece: The "Hacks vs. Flacks" roast. But last night, even though the event started at 5:30 pm, guests had to slog through several speeches, the aforementioned choir show, a veal and veggie dinner and a paddle raise before the main event even started tp commence at about 8:30 pm. Was it worth the wait? Yes, of course. This event is one of the only times that politicos (the "hacks": Sec. of State Kate Brown, City Commish Randy Leonard, Multnomah County Chair Ted Wheeler) can take a swipe at the fourth estate (the "flacks": OPB's [very preggo] April Baer, KEX's Mark Mason and Dave Anderson, The Oregonian's Anna Griffin) without it feeling like it might end up in a knock-down brawl or in The O's editorial pages. For her part, Brown (pictured above) dazzled with digs at both side of the podium and included the following visual I shot at last fall's Basic Rights Oregon Dinner. I guess her "kiss" with Storm Large caused a bit of a "stir" in Salem. Hmmmm...

And as for her fellow hacks? Chair Wheeler should stick to governing (he's about as good at stand-up as he is at skiing), and Leonard just seemed like the whole entire event was way past his bedtime. The "flacks" ended winning the competition [at nearly 10:30 pm] with a strong showing by Dave Anderson, who possibly got away with the best zingers of the long, long night.

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