PostHeaderIcon The Stardar Report: M. Ward Concert At Posies Cafe (Is Kenton Blowin' Up or What?)

NOPO NIGHTINGALES: If you needed any more proof that North Portland's Kenton neighborhood is the next big thing, well, perhaps you should've stopped by Posies Cafe Tuesday night.

That's where and when M. Ward—yes, that M. Ward—and his friends played an impromptu concert as part of this North Denver Avenue coffee bistro Songwriter's Roundtable.

Among those who joined Ward last night was drummer Scott McPherson, who lives in the 'hood and will be joining Ward and Zooey Deschanel's band She & Him, as they begin touring support of their new album Volume Two next week.

Below is a smalll snippet via a fuzzy cell phone of last night's show.

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PostHeaderIcon UPDATED: The (Not So) Big O: Names From Today's Layoff at Oregonian Begin to Trickle In...Developing

I am starting to get confirmation of a few of the people laid off today at The Oregonian.

I believe my sources to be authentic or I would not be publishing these names.

If for any reason the following people are not being laid-off at The Oregonian please let me know ASAP and I will remove their names from the list.

I know what it feels like to be let go from a job, and I feel for my friends at The (not-so) Big O.

My thoughts and prayers are with the following: Restaurant Editor Karen Brooks, Columnist Margie Boule (pictured above), A&E Editor Shawn Vitt....

UPDATED/NOON: Here is a link to more names including enviromental reporter Dylan Rivera.

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PostHeaderIcon And Now An Arty Public Service Announcement: Jennifer Yocom Wants You to Support Oregon ArtPAC

DO YOU PART FOR ART: Jennifer Yocom is the director of Arts and Culture for the City of Portland. The picture above is of her and her hubby, Josh, at this year's Beaux-Art Ball in support of the Portland Art Museum. As you might guess, she is a big supporter of the arts.

According to a bio I found on line, "Jennifer joined the Office of Portland Mayor Sam Adams as his arts and culture director to help coordinate the Regional Creative Action Plan, a five-year, tricounty strategy for strengthening cultural infrastructure, improving access to the arts and arts education, and investing in creative talent. Although Jennifer's professional background is based in marketing, community organizing, youth leadership development, and most recently communications and running political campaigns—her passion for the arts has always been central in her personal life."

So when Yocom asked if I would be willing to get the word out about one of her passions—Oregon ArtPAC—I said, "sure...why not?"

But, the thing is, I didn't know jack about this new arts political action committee.

That's why Jenny is taking over my blog for the next few paragraphs to talk about supporting the arts.

From Jennifer Yocom:

Did you know? For 22,082 Portland public elementary students, there are 34 teachers of art, music, dance or drama combined (’06). And yet, 95% of Portland area voters believe that arts education is vital to our childrens’ future success.

Did you know? Per capita, Seattle area residents contribute $5 more and Denver $13 more than Portlanders in public funds for the arts.

Did you know? Oregon is ranked 33rd in the states for public funding for the arts.

And yet, according to a recent poll by the
Creative Advocacy Network, 70% of metro-area residents are willing to pay a dollar more a month in dedicated funding for increased arts education and access. That’s why we need a political action committee (PAC) that can help educate our candidates for elected office: Oregon artPAC is a non-partisan PAC with the mission to support state and local candidates who are committed to increasing public funding for arts and culture.

Calling all arts supporters, make a difference in the future of public funding for the arts: Become a fan on facebook:

Donate $50, $25, or $10 here:

That is's deed for the day. Do the right thing and support this PAC!

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PostHeaderIcon Cirque IS Coming to Town: Can't Wait for Kooza!

CLOWIN' AROUND: On Thursday it opens in sunny San Diego. But come the beginning of April it will be ours. What am I talking about? Well, just one of the most impressive theaterical experiences to ever hit this planet. Cirque du Soleil is returning to Portland with its critically acclaimed touring show production KOOZA. The show premieres on Friday, April 9, 2010 for a limited engagement under Cirque's trademark blue-and-yellow" Grand Chapiteau" at the south end of the Marquam Bridge.

And, if it's anything like previous Cirque shows that have hit P-town, prepare to be dazzled, delighted and generally dumbfounded.

KOOZA is a return to the origins of the Canadian-based company that has taken the world (and particulary) Las Vegas by storm and showcases a combination two circus/Cirque traditions - acrobatic performance and the art of clowning.

“KOOZA is about human connection and the world of duality, good and bad”, says the show’s writer and director David Shiner. “The tone is fun and funny, light and open. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it’s very much about ideas, too."

According to a New York Times review last spring Shiner (well known for his work on and off the Broadway stage) "introduces some carefully choreographed chaos and old-fashioned sideshow spark to the rock-solid formula" that is Cirque du Soleil's magic.

So as you watch the final days of the spectacle that is currently whooshing its way down the slopes of Vancouver, B.C., its worth remembering that there is another piece of Canada waiting in the wings for its spring fling in Portland. And, frankly, I just can't wait.

Tickets for KOOZA are available at 1-800-450-1480 or online


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PostHeaderIcon The Stardar Report: Mackenzie Phillips Spotted at Saucebox.

Photo via

DINING WITH THE (RE-HAB) STARS:Just heard word from my street peeps that One Day at A Time and Celebrity Rehab star Mackenzie Phillips dined at Saucebox on Saturday night. According to my source Mac was "beautiful, down to earth, sweet and friendly." Wow.

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