PostHeaderIcon Pure Energy: A Peek at Pearl District's Latest Venue

ROOM WITH A VIEW: Yes, that was West Coast Production's Duane Smith (above) hanging from the rafters at Pure Space, his company's brand new—and expansive—venue located at the edge of the Pearl District on Northwest 13th Avenue. And yes he is singing, backed by DJ Arnold Pander. Smith and his crew invited the city's best caterers, including Art of Catering's Larry Grimes and Cupcake Jones Lisa Watson to share their wares, alongside local wineries, at a VIP-only event on Wednesday night. And, yes, the raw space is a sight to behold.

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PostHeaderIcon Media News: PDXposed To Become "Next Stop!"

MOVIN' ON: Big changes are afoot at the locally produced PDXposed. Executive producer and host Jon Olson is moving away from what has been billed as "Portland's Arts, Travel and Entertainment Show" to something with a bit more regional, national and international flavor. The change has been in the works for a while, but Olson wasn't able to talk about it—until now.

His new show, Next Stop!, will include bits from various locations throughout the West Coast and beyond. And, yes, it looks like it will include the involvement of Daniel Baldwin.

I caught up with Olson in Hawaii, where he answered some questions about his changing show.

I am confused. Your name is PDXposed, but you don't film much in Portland anymore. What's going on?

Jon Olson: We hear that question a lot, and I'm pleased to finally answer it in a public forum.  We owe this to our show's viewers, deserving a true answer as to WHY we have had no choice but to expand outside of Oregon. It's simple. This is our livelihood. We are not paid by the networks and we have to raise every dollar ourselves. Travel Oregon and other tourism related entities in the state of Oregon have given us very little assistance, so there's your answer—to survive as a TV show, we have had to grow into a regional travel show and seek funding outside Oregon. I will say that we owe a big thank you to the cities of Newport, Lincoln City, Seaside and Astoria, all of which have helped us stay closer to home and we hope to continue building on our warm friendship with each. I'm currently on Maui filming our 11th show in Hawaii, another state which has supported our show. Wouldn't you come to Hawaii if they offered to pay your production costs? Of course you would!

We will be changing our name to reflect this and we'll also be airing in other cities—reflecting our true regional nature.  We wish that the Portland market could sustain our show, but it just can't.  We do appreciate our wonderful viewers' support over the past years and I'm sorry we can't sustain our show in just Oregon.  We do live in a very beautiful state!  Having said this, I'm hopeful that Travel Oregon and the seven regions in the state will see the value of supporting our new show, as we'll be in many more homes, promoting travel to more locations - including Oregon!!

Tell us about the new show? How will it differ from PDXposed?

The new show will be called "Next Stop." The name was simple as many people continually ask us, "Where's your next stop"?  We feel depicts perfectly what we are all about—always on the go.  It will not differ much from PDXposed, in that we'll be keeping our two themes of FUN & POSITIVE television. We just received our seventh Emmy nomination and we'll continue to improve on the quality of our production, always striving for better!

I will remain the main host and executive producer, for now, but we'll also be utilizing more guest hosts, locals in the areas we'll be featuring.  If you notice from our last few shows, we've already begun doing this.  Most travel shows are about places but we want to be about places and more importantly, the PEOPLE that make the places culturally diverse and interesting.  We want to entice our viewers to not only want to go where we go, but we want them to say, "I want to meet Tony from Alaska Brewing in Juneau"!  We'll still continue to feature local musicians, sports and activities, food, nightlife, festivals, etc.

Click "Read more" below to find out if Daniel Baldwin has a role in the new show.

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PostHeaderIcon Dan & Jonny: One Couples Story.

FOR DAN: Jonny Shultz (above) is my friend. A couple of years ago his partner, Dan Callaway, was murdered. Recently, Jonny sat down with the good folks at Basic Rights Oregon to tell his and Dan's story. It was first shown at BRO's Business Leaders Lunch and is now up on the web. Hopefully, you can take a minute out of your day to listen to what he has to say.

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PostHeaderIcon Heart Work: Roma's Memories of CAP's Art Auctions

May 1 marks the 21st Annual Art Evening and Auction to benefit Cascade AIDS Project. It would not happen without the tireless effort of its Development Director, Roma Peyser (pictured above with my partner Juan Martinez). Roma is a good friend and when I found out that will she be moving on from her position and this year's auction will be her last as its driving force I thought it might be nice if she shared some thoughts on the eve of the event. Here is what she had to say.

Roma dedicates the following to "the irascible Michael S., the creative Michael N., the ever hopeful Michael G. and my best friend Alex V."

Dear Byron,

As I gear up for the 21st Annual Art Evening and Auction benefiting Cascade AIDS Project (CAP) at the end of this week (Saturday, May 1– sorry for the shameless plug), I think back to my very first experience volunteering for CAP.  Bruce Carey, at the time owner of Zefiro with Chris Israel, was chairing the second annual art auction.  He explained that he was working on an art auction to benefit CAP and needed help with art procurement.  I was thrilled to be asked, didn’t really know anything about art auctions, but was happy to help in any way.  At my first meeting I met Charles Froelick, who was managing William Jamison’s Gallery, Jeff Butters- working at his family’s gallery, Butters Gallery LTD and Brad Rogers, William’s partner  I can happily say I am still in contact with all these talented men and each has continued to stay immersed in the art gallery business and community.  We divided up the galleries and went out with the donation forms to ask for their participation and that of their artists.  The event raised $9,000, which was double the revenue from the previous year).  I also met you Byron. And over the years we have worked together promoting CAP, the art auction and AIDS Walk Portland with your intelligent, poignant and thought provoking writings when you worked for Willamette Week.

Well, I never really stopped volunteering for CAP.

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PostHeaderIcon Party People: Candidates Go Wild at Aladdin Theater

SHOW ME YR VOTES: Here is my take away on the latest Candidates Gone Wild which took place last night at the Aladdin Theater: Bring back the talent show! Although there was plenty of the political high-jinks we've come to look forward to at this seasonal event produced by Willamette Week, The Bus Project and Livewire, it wasn't really the same without a few candidates making complete fools of themselves at the end of this usually highly unusual event. Emcee Storm Large (preparing backstage above) rocked the full house with more than a few off-topic comments and the films created by James Westby featuring "Hot Cross Buns" co-host Courtenay Hameister and the dudes running for Governor (minus "pussy" Chris Dudley) were priceless. I even loved the part where Metro Prez candidate Rex Burkholder bounced up and down on a ball as David Bragdon asked him questions. But "The Dancing With The Candidates" bit—although substantive—was about as fun to watch as Kate Gosselin on the real Dancing With the Stars. Although a nice twirl of the skirt goes out to Commish candidate Karol Collymore, her answers were as fleet as her dancing shoes.

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