PostHeaderIcon Doggin' It With The Blazers: Pixie Project Night at Rose Garden Arena

MUTTS NIGHT OUT: It was "mascot" night at The Rose Garden Arena as the Blazers went toe-to-toe with the Pacers. So it only made sense the featured charity at Wednesday night's game was the amazing animal adoption center, located just a few blocks from center court, called The Pixie Project. Executive Director and Assistant Director, Amy Sacks and Karli Covington, joined staff members and volunteers at a booth before heading to center court and introducing thousand of Blazers fans to this worthwhile charity via the Jumbo-tron. It was a howlin' good time. And, when the Blazers scored 100, we all got a chalupa. Well, the dogs didn't. They got a cookie. Good times.

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PostHeaderIcon Retro-Fit: How Did Any Dude Who Lived Through This Decade End Up Straight?

I WANNA POP: Was browsing through a few videos after I saw this and stumbled onto to the following Shasta commercial from 1983.

It begs a few questions: What were thinking when they decided to open this commercial on a rather revealing eye-to-bikini-line crotch shot? Are two guys really running hand in hand at :07? Where does one get a great blue tank nowadays? And how did any male survive this decade without being a big ol' homo?

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PostHeaderIcon Random Dinner: White Bird Dines With International Dancers at Huber's

DASHING DINERS: Members of Wayne McGregor's Random Dance Company joined Walter Jaffe and Paul King (above right) as well as staff, crew and supporters of White Bird Dance for dinner—and those incredible Spanish coffees—at Huber's on Tuesday night. It was all in anticipation of the British-based dance company's return to the Portland stage. The incredibly cute company—from all over the world—will make their move at the Newmark beginning on Thursday in a evening-length work entitled "Entity." For more details and tickets click here.

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PostHeaderIcon Poker Face: Hit the Jackpot at Equity Foundation's Speakeasy Casino

GET LUCKY: The Equity Foundation works to eradicate prejudice towards the sexual and gender minority communities of Oregon. By working with organizations and philanthropic donors, they are able to fund change and change attitudes through granting and scholarship opportunities. This past year Equity Foundation granted nearly $320,000 to 175 organizations across the state.

And each year, in honor of this good work Equity does, a swell soiree is held. It's usually a fancy schmancy affair that concludes with a live auction.

But, for 2010, Equity Foundation has decided to drop the long speeches and boring live auctions and go in, well, a "different direction."

And, oh yeah, they asked me to emcee the whole thing. (Oh, god. I wonder if they know what they are in for?)

From what I've been told by organizers, Equity's Speakeasy Casino is not just another casino event. The evening, which is being held Saturday night at the Crystal Ballroom, will include gambling, prohibition era themes, jazz by Bridgetown Sextet, cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, silent auction, and big prizes for the winners.

And, oh yeah, did I mention I am the emcee?

Doors open at 6:30 pm for what is sure to be an event to...well...let's just see what happens.

For ticket and more details click here.

For a list of silent auction prizes click here.

Can't wait to see all you high gamblers!



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PostHeaderIcon Passing Zhoozh-ment: One More Time 'Round The Lap at PDX Drag Race

ZOOM ROOM: Last night I made my dramatic one-night-only return to judging Season 2 of The Portland Drag Race (aka the PDX version of RuPaul's Drag Race). I actually felt more like I was zhoozhing (read: to encourage flair and fluffing) than judging as I have been fairly absent from this season's competition. And, oh my dear, how things have changed since I was the "Simon" judge for Season 1. First off, with contestants (one has dropped out of the competition) the show is much tighter. And, dare I say, I think the show has improved. The night was still long, but there was more interaction with the very young and very pretty audience (including texting for VIP tickets at a table in the front row). And the "ladies" who are in this contest? Well, they are fab-u-lous. Each and every one of them (including the one who is back from last season) has oodles of charm. They are all professional, articulate, able to take criticism well (even when its wrong) and most of all, they are incredibly entertaining. This season, the ladies are going all out. Kudos to the new judges and especially to Poison Waters, who truly knows what it takes to put on a great show.

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