PostHeaderIcon Help Painter/Poet Walt Curtis Rise From the Ashes.

Just got this message from gallery guy Mark Woolley.

It's in regards to the local legend Walt Curtis (the author of Mala Noche that's him above in his youth) and the tragic fire at the Great Northwest Bookstore on Sunday.

Please share it with your friends.

From Mark: Walt lost most everything in the big fire Sunday which destroyed the Great Northwest Bookstore on Sunday, May 2: his apartment, studio, manuscripts, photos, paintings, much more. He has given so much to the community: 35 year unpaid host of the "Talking Earth" poetry show on KBOO, tireless volunteer for the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission, organizer and participant in countless poetry and literary events, incisive poet/writer and extremely talented self-taught painter. One thing he escaped with was a small painting he was working on when the fire broke out on Sunday. Other than that, he needs our help for basic necessities, housing, art supplies, some living expenses while he rebuilds some of what he lost. Please help spread the word to your "tribe." This is the time to re-pay Walt for the richness he has brought to so many lives and our city.

Friends and supporters of Walt Curtis can help Walt by donating to the "Walt Curtis Fund" which Woolley set up yesterday through Wells Fargo Bank, with Walt's blessing and deep appreciation. Contributions can be made at any Wells Fargo branch.

Checks to the "Walt Curtis Fund" can be mailed to: Walt Curtis Fund Wells Fargo Bank, 4233 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97213.

Notes/Letters to Walt: Walt Curtis c/o Mark Woolley 2644 NE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. Portland, OR 97212.

There is also a fund which has been set up by the friends of Phil Wikeland, owner of Great Northwest Bookstore, which lost it's historic building, over 100,000 books and rare collectables. "Phil's Fire Fund" is through On Point Credit Union.


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PostHeaderIcon Ka-Boom: Karol Collymore’s Art Explosion This Friday

VOTE FOR ART: They are people in your life you may not agree with.

We call these people enemies.

But sometimes, even enemies can come together, if the cause is important enough to both of them.

For example, musician/writer Stephen Marc Beaudoin and I have never been what you could call “close.”

Our war of words with each other has lasted almost two years now. But someone has recently thawed out our friend “status.”

And that person is Karol Collymore.

Although we don’t see eye to eye on various issues Beaudoin and I do agree on one thing: we’d both like to see Karol (above at Candidates Gone Wild) fill the seat of her former boss, Jeff Cogen, and become a Multnomah County Commissioner.

In fact, Beaudoin, alongside Bryan Boyd, Caryn Brooks, Courtenay Hameister, Matthew Koren, Jimmy Radosta, and Gretchen Schackel, has gone as far as creating an arty event in support of Collymore. Here’s what he has to say about their upcoming “Art Explosion” for Collymore.

Why do you support Karol Collymore?

Stephen Marc Beaudoin: I support Karol because she's smart, she knows how the county works, she's a hard worker, she's deeply committed to this community, she's a passionate progressive, she understands the role of arts and culture in sustaining vibrant and healthy communities... should I go on? Plus she rocks it on the fashion front, and knows her way around a dance floor. She listens, and she responds. There's nobody like her in Portland.

How important is it for the creative community to get involved in local or national politics?

The creative community has GOT to get organized and get involved in politics at every level. Our work as artists, designers, musicians, writers, arts and culture organizations and on and on—it all has a major impact on this community's economic health, on education and job creation, on community development. Some politicians are good at reaching out to us and inviting us to the table (Mayor [Sam] Adams is one, much to his credit), some are not. But the time is past for artists and creatives to wait to be invited. We need to demand our place in political discourse and policy-making, in every community, with every race, speaking with every candidate.

Click on "Read more" below to find out what an "art explosion" is....

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PostHeaderIcon Arty Party: 21st Annual Cascade AIDS Project Art Auction

STARRY NIGHT: With stars from both Cirque du Soleil and Leverage making appearances at the 21st Annual Art Evening and Auction to benefit Cascade AIDS Project—as well as food from such local foodie stars as Beast's Naomi Pomeroy, Gruner's Chris Israel and Bluehour's Drew Lockett—it might have been tempting to think the focus wasn't on the walls at this arty party held Saturday night inside the very busy Bison Building. But all you had to do was take one look at the art on those walls to see who the real stars of the night were at this always impressive charity event. Everywhere you looked was art and art lovers (including City Commish/art collector Nick Fish) jockeying to get their bids on works from such diverse talents as Grace Weston, Michael T. Hensley, D.E. May, Lucinda Parker, J.D. Perkins, Tom Cramer and Sherrie Wolf. There was even a piece by late, great gallery owner William Jamison featuring the very attractive backside of another local artist who just so happens to be opening a show in a downtown gallery this very week. Kudos to CAP's art angel, Roma Peyser as well as CAP Executive Director Michael Kaplan who was quite the host as was the other hosts of the evening—KC Cowan, Jana Wells, Tim Joyce, Priya David, Courtenay Hameister and Daria Eckhardt Eliuk (pictured above with Sean Sasser and his partner Kaplan, right). What a great night.


PostHeaderIcon Stardar Report: Today Show's Sara Haines at Pixie Project

SARA SMILES: Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are lucky.

Those two ladies get to spend time on a daily basis with the delightful Sara Haines during the fourth hour of The Today Show.

We just got a chance to spend a bit of Saturday morning with her.

Haines, via the efforts of the good folks at Media Maison, raced clear across the country this weekend so she could make some new four-legged friends at the Pixie Project, a non-profit animal adoption center and pet supply store located in Northeast Portland.

A web correspondent at NBC's Today Show, Sara appears regularly during the weekday with Hoda and Kathie Lee to report on technology and Internet trends as well as let the ladies know what their fans are saying via their Facebook and Twitter accounts (in fact "Sara" even popped up on Saturday Night Live this weekend during a biting parody of the show).

Sara also loves animals. That's why she made the trek to Oregon to tape an upcoming segment for Today that spotlights the good works of Amy Sacks and her crew at Pixie Project.

And yes, Sara, wasthatclose to flying home with a new "friend" (see above) in her carry-on.

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PostHeaderIcon That's What Stars Are For: Dionne Warwick Wows Crowd at Power of Purse

POWERFUL PURSE-O-NALITIES: When KGW's Joe Smith lightly stepped down atop Dionne Warwick's bejeweled shoe right before a live interview, I literally thought the evening might be getting off on the wrong foot. But the diva-less and divine Dionne was incredibly gracious with Mr. Smith, as she was with everyone else who had a chance to visit with the living legend at the 5th annual Power of the Purse held Friday night at the Portland Art Museum. Dionne was the big star of the night at this fashionable benefit for Girls, Inc.—which featured handbags designed by “purse-o-nalities” inlcuding the singing sensation herself—as well as the high bidder (at $1,400) on a evening bag designed by none other than KGW President D.J. Wilson (above left with Warwick and Naturally Knotty designer Chris Brien). Other purse-making personalities participating in the swell soiree included NFL Quarterback Joey Harrington and Voodoo Doughnuts creators Kenneth Pogson and Tres Shannon who provided one of the highlights of the evening when he and 99.5 The Wolf morning DJ, Mike Chase, held an impromptu "hand-stand contest" half-way throughout the evening. Way to go, guys!

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