PostHeaderIcon We Count: Census PSA Features Cool Portlanders

WE THE PEOPLE: I love this video. Not only does it have a great message, it also includes a lot of my friends—including Basic Rights Oregon's Jeana Frazzini, Q Center's Kendall Clawson, and Cascade AID's Project Michael Kaplan (Clawson and Kaplan pictured above)—and their partners and families doing what they do best: getting involved and standing up for their rights.

The 2010 Census will be the first in US history in which same-sex couples can identify themselves as married. Make sure you count!

For more information, please visit: and

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PostHeaderIcon It’s the Fashion to Love your Kidneys. Who Knew? On Saturday Night We All Do.

LIKE MIKE: One of the stars of Twilight and Extraordinary Measures, Ayanna Berkshire , as well yours truly, Byron Beck, are the co-emcees of a very fashionable show with local designers this Saturday night at California Closets to benefit "MIKE."

So what is MIKE? It's the Multicultural Integrated Kidney Education Program. MIKE works to enrich the lives of teens and empower them to be ambassadors of health in vulnerable youth populations prone to obesity, diabetes and negative social situations. The event will showcase the latest in local fashions including Betty Jean Couture (above), Bon Lou Couture and Christa Taylor, along with O’Pearl Jewelry and The Real McCoy® Purses and will feature Fox 12’s Sophie Soong as a celebrity model.

Who knew dressing up a healthy message could look so good?

The Details:

What: It’s the Fashion! to Love your Kidneys; A Fashion Show Benefit for MIKE Program.

Where: California Closets Showroom, 1225 SE Grand Ave., Portland, Oregon 97214

When: Saturday, March 13, 2010 (in recognition of National Kidney Month and World Kidney Day).

Time: Doors open at 5 pm. Show runs from 6-8 pm.

Cost: $30 per person. (Price includes admission, script for beverage/wine and hearty appetizers.) A wine raffle will also be available.

Why: Because everyone deserves to look good and you can’t look your best unless you feel your best.

BONUS STORY BELOW! Click on the “read more” button to read a kidney-warming story about the woman who is not only sharing her space for the fashion show, but also telling us what it's like to be a kidney transplant recipient.

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PostHeaderIcon The Stardar Report: Hotel Monaco The Shizzle for Snoop Dogg

DOGGY STYLE: It only makes sense that one of the most dog-friendly hotels in Oregon, Hotel Monaco, would be the joint where Snoop Dogg stayed while he was in town last week for his Roseland concert. Truth is, this is the hotel where most world-famous rappers (including Lil' Wayne) stay in Portland. Although there may've been weirdness following his appearance at the Roseland, according to one of the hotel's front desk clerks there was a more relaxed, and appreciative, vibe at the hotel. "When Snoop checked out and walked with his entourage down the walkway to the (front) doors everyone at wine hour was clapping and cheering for him," said the clerk. "I've never seen anything like it."

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PostHeaderIcon Oscar's Best: Watch Academy Award Winning Logorama!

OH MY LOGO: See why the following film, Logorama, received an Oscar on Sunday night for Best Animated Short.

This is amazing (and NSFW for language and cruelty to unauthorized logos).

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PostHeaderIcon Everyday Heroes: Red Cross Breakfast of Champs at Convention Center

SUPER DUPER: The American Red Cross "Breakfast of Champions," which was held bright and early on Tuesday at the Oregon Convention Center, should really have a longer name like "Breakfast of Champions & Variety Show." Much of that has to do with the emcee for the event, the former Chief Executive Officer of the Oregon Trail Chapter of The American Red Cross, Thomas Bruner. Despite the fact that Bruner (above) has a big gig back east with the ARC, he flew in from his new post in Vermont just to do"show." That's the only word that you can use to describe this event that includes live dioramic displays of the good works the Red Cross does, including a demonstration of the proper CPR technique that had as much choreography as any Broadway show. And, well, then there was Thomas. "Is he always this peppy?" whispered Jonathan Nicholas former Oregonian columnist and current Vice President of Corporate Communications for ODS. "He has a lot of energy for this early in the morning." Which I replied to Nicholas, "yes...yes he does." After a breakfast of heart-clogging eats—bacon, eggs, and sausage—set up to look like the buffet line at a disaster site (it even came with a disclaimer that this was not the standard example of the Oregon Convention's catering company), Bruner gave out awards to several worthy "champs" including a Chihuahua named "Jack" and KOIN-TV weather cutie, Brian Miskimins, who saved a man outside a suburban gym in the middle of a snowstorm. The man, who was clearly on his way out when Miskimins found him and even described his death as being a "big, black nothing," was very happy that Miskimins "hobby" was CPR. It was that kind of morning. Who knew?

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