PostHeaderIcon Snap! Future Oregonian Matthew Fox Once Was a "Towel Boy"

MODEL CITIZEN: I was saving this for when he finally moves his ass to Oregon, but another website beat me to the punch (which is really weird considering how long ago this photo was shot).

Well anyways, yes, that is actor Matthew Fox wrapped in an Espirit towel in the upper left corner of the page.

And, yes, I've saved the image from when it originally printed in the August 1987 issue of Interview magazine.

Now, I didn't save this because I thought someday Fox would become the foxy star of Party of Five and Lost. I just stored it away with some so-called "cool" images and never thought twice about it. So it was kind of weird/surprising that I came across it when I was plowing through a box full of clipped out images.

To set the record straight, it was not, as indicated by L.A. Rag Mag, for an Esprit Bath & Bed campaign.

It was just part of Interview's four-page home furnishings spread, entitled "Towel Boys," featuring beautiful lads wrapped in nothing but towels including Fox and then model but soon to be fashion designer John Bartlett as well as one-hit wonder/party boy Paul Lekakis and I think one of the dudes from the original 90210. It was shot by scene-making shooter Christopher Makos.

Wonder if Makos kept any of the takes of Fox after he dropped the towel lying around his darkroom? Hmmmm....

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PostHeaderIcon Forget the Irish: Storm Large Going to Scotland (and Coming to Con-Con)


STORM FORECAST: The Scots are in for a treat. That's because Storm Large has just signed on to do 26 dates in August at what's billed as "the biggest arts festivals in the world": The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As the name implies, the festival takes place in the middle of Scotland's capital city, and according to the Fringe site is for everyone "from the biggest names in showbiz to the performers in the street and covers all sorts of art forms, such as theatre, comedy, children's shows, dance, physical theatre, musicals, operas, all genres of music, exhibitions, and events." Those with a story to tell and a venue willing to host them can come to Edinburgh as part of the Fringe, but with this particularly Storm-y arrival, who knows what will be left of this hamlet once she blows through town. Until then, you can get your dose of Storm locally when she performs this weekend at the Leverage-fied Con-Con convention and at a few upcoming dates at Dante's.

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PostHeaderIcon Straight Out of Brooklyn: Disjecta's Arty Party for Portland2010

LAST EXIT TO KENTON: There are plenty of nice folks who will disagree with me, but it seems like each day the North Portland neighborhood of Kenton is morphing into the West Coast equivalent of an area in Brooklyn, New York called Willamsburg.

A former cattle run between downtown Portland and the stockyards, Kenton could now easily be identified in the same way Williamsburg finds itself identified on its Wikipedia page: "a magnet for young people moving to the city...and an influential hub for indie rock and so-called "hipster" culture."

So much for cows.

And Kenton, just like Williamsburg, is ground zero to a thriving arts community, but instead of hanging out on Bedford Avenue, in Kenton it's all about Denver Avenue.

The local coffee shop, Posies, is where you might find M. Ward, who stops in for jam (and biscuit) sessions. And Multnomah County's just opened Kenton Library has far more in common with Jackpot Records and Videorama than it will ever have with Powells Books.

Then there is Disjecta, just a few feet away from Denver Avenue and a giant Paul Bunyan statue, known as much for its parties as its arty installations.

On Saturday night this art space unveiled its contribution to "PORTLAND2010: A Biennial of Contemporary Art." A citywide art celebration curated by Chris Moss, Disjecta is currently housing the work of some of Oregon's best artists including Sean Healy, David Corbett, Crystal Schenk, Shelby Davis, Bruce Conkle and Marne Lucas.

And like most Disjecta events, the opening night party attracted major players from the local art scene as well as those who critique it too. It also gave party-goers a chance to check out Disjecta's studio spaces, which is home to the likes of Eduardo Fernandez who was just been hired to paint the official portrait of Gov. Ted Kulongoski.

Like I said, Kenton is too cool for school.


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PostHeaderIcon Mom Knows Best: DJ MuMu Spins at Mother's

MUMU & MAMA'S: Free nibbles, cocktails, and DJ MuMu. Can't think of any better way to start the weekend, can you? That's why I joined a group of groovy guys and gals gathered during happy hour on Friday night to welcome the arrival of Tony Gradischnig, aka Mr. Mumu, to Mother's Bistro. Chef Lisa Schroeder (above with MuMu) has hired the former Saucebox spinner to man the turntables on Friday and Saturday nights. And, man, it was all good.

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PostHeaderIcon I Like MIKE Program: Spring Fashion Show Benefits Kids & Kidneys

WALKING THE TALK: On Saturday night I had the pleasure of co-emceeing, alongside Ayanna Berkshire (a wonderful actress who has appeared in Twilight, Extreme Measure as well as Wendy & Lucy she is pictured above right with songbird Liv Warfield and designer Kenneth Doswell), a benefit fashion show for MIKE Program at the very fashionable California Closets showroom. MIKE Program, or the Multicultural Integrated Kidney Education Program, works to enrich the lives of teens and empower them to be ambassadors of health in vulnerable youth populations prone to obesity, diabetes and negative social situations. The event showcased the latest in local fashions including Betty Jean Couture, Bon'Lou Couture, Christa Taylor, Hillary Day, Al-Anoud Dajani and Mona McDonald of Soul Chain along with O’Pearl Jewelry and The Real McCoy® Purses. It also featured Fox 12’s Sophie Soong as a celebrity model. Hats off to all those who worked their butts off to make the show a work of art and fashion.

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