PostHeaderIcon Voice Box Rocks: One Night in A PDX Karaoke Joint

GOOD TIMES: Sean Ingersoll threw a little party in Northwest Portland at Voicebox. A karaoke venue with private party rooms, Sean secured the space for his wife, Becki, as a way to celebrate her birthday. It also gave him the excuse to sing his lungs out (see above).

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PostHeaderIcon Pretty Pics: Gus Van Sant at PDX; Alfred Harris, Leiv Fagereng & Sarah Horowitz at Froelick

HOT SHOTS: There are some beautiful dudes hanging out in Portland this month. And they just so happen to be on gallery walls. On Wednesday night I previewed a few new shows opening tonight in two of the Pearl District's finest galleries. First up was Gus Van Sant's Cut-Ups at PDX Contemporary Art. The large-scale digital photo mash-ups look like they've been just tacked up on the walls (in fact, fancy magnets hold them in place) giving the illusion that this is how they might look in Van Sant's studio. Gus himself, who flew up from Los Angeles where he's been putting the finishing touches on his new film, Restless, seemed pleased with how the show looked as well as his friends who turned up to see the work including Emily Crumpacker, Jordan Schnitzer and Drs. Geoff Beasely and Jim Sampson (above with Gus, center). Emily's son/"It" boy, Peter Smith, who was spotted at Van Sant's opening, also made an appearance at nearby Froelick Gallery to see a portrait of himself painted by Leiv Fagereng who is currently showing work next to Sarah Horowitz and the incredible Alfred Harris.

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PostHeaderIcon Porn For Smarties: Monograph Bookwerks Opens Off Alberta Street

ART SMART: Last night I stepped into a little piece of heaven: Monograph Bookwerks. The brainchild of John Brodie and Blair Saxon-Hill (one of the artiest and most erudite couples in town, above) this new bookstore of nothing but fine art books and ojects is located just off Alberta Street on Northeast 27th Avenue. Although today, May 5,  is its official first day in biz, last night was it's opening—and I was its very first customer. I purchased a beautiful little"object" of a polar bear riding a giraffe from a Seattle artist with a name that now escapes me. I also wanted to take home an arm load of over-sized arty tomes too, but I think I'll have to save that for my next trip to this incredibly cool bookstore where I am bound to spend every last cent I have in my pocket. Like I said to Portland Art Museum's Bruce Guenther last night (a big collector of art books himself): It's a porn shop for people who love art. Perhaps I should just say that Monograph Bookwerks is Portland's latest must-see destination and we are very lucky indeed that Brodie and Blair have decided to open their own little nook dedicated to artbooks.

Monograph Bookwerks, 5005 NE 27th Ave., 503-284-5005, 11am-7 pm Wed.-Sun.

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PostHeaderIcon Help Painter/Poet Walt Curtis Rise From the Ashes.

Just got this message from gallery guy Mark Woolley.

It's in regards to the local legend Walt Curtis (the author of Mala Noche that's him above in his youth) and the tragic fire at the Great Northwest Bookstore on Sunday.

Please share it with your friends.

From Mark: Walt lost most everything in the big fire Sunday which destroyed the Great Northwest Bookstore on Sunday, May 2: his apartment, studio, manuscripts, photos, paintings, much more. He has given so much to the community: 35 year unpaid host of the "Talking Earth" poetry show on KBOO, tireless volunteer for the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission, organizer and participant in countless poetry and literary events, incisive poet/writer and extremely talented self-taught painter. One thing he escaped with was a small painting he was working on when the fire broke out on Sunday. Other than that, he needs our help for basic necessities, housing, art supplies, some living expenses while he rebuilds some of what he lost. Please help spread the word to your "tribe." This is the time to re-pay Walt for the richness he has brought to so many lives and our city.

Friends and supporters of Walt Curtis can help Walt by donating to the "Walt Curtis Fund" which Woolley set up yesterday through Wells Fargo Bank, with Walt's blessing and deep appreciation. Contributions can be made at any Wells Fargo branch.

Checks to the "Walt Curtis Fund" can be mailed to: Walt Curtis Fund Wells Fargo Bank, 4233 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR 97213.

Notes/Letters to Walt: Walt Curtis c/o Mark Woolley 2644 NE Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. Portland, OR 97212.

There is also a fund which has been set up by the friends of Phil Wikeland, owner of Great Northwest Bookstore, which lost it's historic building, over 100,000 books and rare collectables. "Phil's Fire Fund" is through On Point Credit Union.


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PostHeaderIcon Ka-Boom: Karol Collymore’s Art Explosion This Friday

VOTE FOR ART: They are people in your life you may not agree with.

We call these people enemies.

But sometimes, even enemies can come together, if the cause is important enough to both of them.

For example, musician/writer Stephen Marc Beaudoin and I have never been what you could call “close.”

Our war of words with each other has lasted almost two years now. But someone has recently thawed out our friend “status.”

And that person is Karol Collymore.

Although we don’t see eye to eye on various issues Beaudoin and I do agree on one thing: we’d both like to see Karol (above at Candidates Gone Wild) fill the seat of her former boss, Jeff Cogen, and become a Multnomah County Commissioner.

In fact, Beaudoin, alongside Bryan Boyd, Caryn Brooks, Courtenay Hameister, Matthew Koren, Jimmy Radosta, and Gretchen Schackel, has gone as far as creating an arty event in support of Collymore. Here’s what he has to say about their upcoming “Art Explosion” for Collymore.

Why do you support Karol Collymore?

Stephen Marc Beaudoin: I support Karol because she's smart, she knows how the county works, she's a hard worker, she's deeply committed to this community, she's a passionate progressive, she understands the role of arts and culture in sustaining vibrant and healthy communities... should I go on? Plus she rocks it on the fashion front, and knows her way around a dance floor. She listens, and she responds. There's nobody like her in Portland.

How important is it for the creative community to get involved in local or national politics?

The creative community has GOT to get organized and get involved in politics at every level. Our work as artists, designers, musicians, writers, arts and culture organizations and on and on—it all has a major impact on this community's economic health, on education and job creation, on community development. Some politicians are good at reaching out to us and inviting us to the table (Mayor [Sam] Adams is one, much to his credit), some are not. But the time is past for artists and creatives to wait to be invited. We need to demand our place in political discourse and policy-making, in every community, with every race, speaking with every candidate.

Click on "Read more" below to find out what an "art explosion" is....

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