PostHeaderIcon Keeping It Light: P:ear Blossoms at Luxe Autohaus

NIGHT LIGHTS: I didn't get the memo. Well, silly me, I actually didn't read the invitation that told me to wear "light" colors to the 8th Annual P:ear Blossoms. So there I was at the big Saturday night benefit for p:ear—who work with homeless youth by providing a creative space in downtown Portland where these kids can enrich their lives—all dressed in black. But it didn't really seem to matter as the packed crowd inside Luxe Autohaus interpreted "light" to mean everything from neon pink to pale eggshell to midnight blue. The theme continued with the meal—helping whip it together for the 8th time out by Pazzo Executive Chef John Eisenhart alongside some good folks from Vibrant Table and Le Cordon Bleu (Slow Food Chapter)that included a light supper of soup, salad and bread, and oh yes, a brownie. Food offerings popped up in the live auction with a French cooking class for 8, taught by Chef Robert Reynolds, going for big bucks. And the after-party, cooked up Clyde Commons, was all about the burgers and bad-ass whiskey bar.

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PostHeaderIcon Stardar Report: Tim McGraw Pumps It Up In The Pearl

SWEATING WITH THE STARS: Tim McGraw is called the "Southern Voice," but according to my friend, Kate Williams, who spotted the country crooner in The Pearl District's 24-Hour Fitness Center on Saturday morn, his voice isn't the only thing worth paying attention too.

"He's ripped," emailed Williams from the gym. "And he lifts significant weight (grunting while he does so)." She also said he was not as short as she thought he would be and was sporting nothing but a plain white t-shirt, shorts and a white beanie. "He's absolutely delicious!" said Williams.

McGraw was working out with his band members who were all wearing gray t-shirts (I guess as not to clash with his white ensemble?) prior to their Saturday night concert at the Rose Garden, and one was even sporting a mohawk. And yes, said Williams, when he busted upstairs to hop onto the elliptical everyone stopped to watch. And, no, his big, black cowboy hat wasn't anywhere in sight.

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PostHeaderIcon Stardar Report: Adrian Grenier's New Movie Project in Portland?

'BOUT TIME TO HUG IT OUT: Looks like Entourage star Adrian Grenier is returning to Portland, and, no, it doesn't look like this time out he's performing with his band, The Honey Brothers, at the Doug Fir like he did last September(see above). Rumblings have it Grenier is looking to star, or at least be in, a project that will soon shoot in Portland. Developing...

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PostHeaderIcon Winners Circle: Election Night at Curious Comedy Theater

THREE FOR THE WIN: Karol Collymore called her folks. Jeff Cogen hugged his kids. And Dan Saltzman shook about every person's hand in the room. It was election night and these candidates for various city and county positions were all in the winners column by around  8:15 Tuesday night.Their three-way soiree, held at the Curious Comedy Theater in Northeast Portland, was packed with family, friends, well-wishers and colleagues (including Saltzman's Chief of Staff/Collymore's boyfriend Brendan Finn above), who patted backs, cajoled each other about campaign strategies, and dined on everything from giant meatballs to chili-fired brownies. As The Merc's Sarah Mirk (how much do I love saying that) pointed out, Collymore wore a fabulous pair of shoes. Below are some pics I snapped last night at the party, including photos of Mirk taking pictures of said shoes. There is also an interesting photo I snapped of City Commish Amanda Fritz. Well, see for yourself.

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PostHeaderIcon Attack of the Killer Emus: Tales From The Campaign Trail!

AN EMU WALKS INTO A POLITICAL RALLY AND....Join my partner, Juan Martinez, and his buddies at Basic Rights Oregon next Tuesday as they to help kick off the 2010 campaign season with some of the craziest stories of campaign life on the road to benefit BRO's Equality PAC.

Be ready for some entertaining and SHOCKING tales that will knock you right out of your seat with laughter. Appetizers and cupcakes will be served, and no-host bar will be available.  And Sneakin' Out will perform to the crowd.

5:30 pm, Tuesday, May 25, Curious Comedy Theater (5225 N.E. Martin Luther King Blvd.) Tickets are $25.00 and can be purchased at here or by calling 503-222-6151 x106. This is going to be a blast!

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