PostHeaderIcon Food News: Bar Bar To Raise The Bar On Mississippi

Posted the following yesterday over at Eater PDX. For my site I've added an extra quote from Alicia Rose at the end.

Mississippi Studios partners Jim Brunberg and Alicia J. Rose have inked a new partnership with Portland entrepreneurs Peter Bro (Aalto, Broder, Savoy), Tali Ovadia (The Whole Bowl) and Kevin Cradock to enable an expansion into the former Mississippi Station space and the neighboring patio lot — just in time for summer. The new space, called Bar Bar, is said to have some sort of "cocktail lounge meets chemistry lab" vibe.

Bar Bar's grand opening, set for July 10, is the same day as the Mississippi Street Fair, with July 11 being the kick-off date for an outdoor patio concert series "Mississippi Summer Sessions" that's free to the public and will feature local artists (lineup TBA).

"Are we excited - HELLS YES," says Rose. "The former Mississippi Station space and the empty patio lot next door have been underutilized for years, and we look forward to incorporating them both into what will soon be an amazing entertainment compound like nothing North Portland has ever seen.  Amongst other major stylistic renovations to the space, we will be creating a pass through archway between Mississippi Studios and Bar Bar to connect them permanently, a new green room for artists, stunning second floor private event space, the introduction of a spanky new cocktail menu, and a classic burger and biscuit based lunch-dinner-late-night-weekend brunch food menu menu that promises to rock the neighborhood...Viva la Mississippi!"

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PostHeaderIcon Media News: Daria Returns To KNRK...Well, On Fridays

Daria Eliuk (right) with Juan Martinez at this year's Cascade AIDS Project Art Auction

JOCK TALK: There are big changes over at 94.7. BIG ONES. And one of the biggest has a retro-fitted flavor. I just got an email stating that starting this week DARIA IS BACK ON 94/7. As indicated by the following email: "Listen Friday afternoons at 4:45 pm when she joins Gustav to entertain us all with her wildly amusing comments and a hot recommendation for what to do in and around Portland each and every weekend!"

Now before you get all hot and bothered thinking that Daria is about to leave The Buzz, the gorgeous gal herself says she'll just be visiting.

"I'm not going anywhere," said Daria. "I'll never leave Mitch and Ted. (On) Fridays, I'll just walk down the hall and join Gustav for a few minutes to shoot the sh*t. It's a cross-over cameo, like when Mork came back to Happy Days."

But there are other, more significant changes in the works at 94/7.

The full report to KNRK listeners, from Program Director Mark Hamilton, is available by clicking read more:

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PostHeaderIcon Stardar Report: Q Docs Rock Portland's Clinton Theater

ALL Q'D UP: Over the weekend I had the chance to see not one, but two, of the phenomenal films that made up this year's Q Doc Film Festival, the only film series of its type that is entirely devoted to glbtq documentaries. The first one I had a chance to see was the incredibly powerful 8: The Mormon Proposition. The compelling film, narrated by Oscar-winning screen-writer Dustin Lance Black, follows the money trail from the pro-Prop 8 campaign (which stripped California gays and lesbians of full marriage equality rights) back to its biggest funding source: the Mormons. Although its director Reed Cowan was unable to make the screening due to the crisis in the Gulf (he works in television news), a couple featured in the film—Tyler Barrick and Spencer Jones (pictured above with me in the middle)—did make it. Their story is heartbreaking yet hopeful, and they have become my new heroes in the equality movement. Although there is no future screening of the film slated for Portland, it's scheduled to appear on Comcast's Movie on Demand in mid-June.

The other film which touched my heart, and all those that had a chance to see it, was WE WERE HERE: Voices From the AIDS Years in San Francisco. The Sunday morning screening was very special for many reasons. Its producer and director, David Weissman, is the co-founder and one of the driving forces behind the Q Doc fest. And this was the first time he had shown his feature-length documentary to a large audience, which included some of its cast members, who were also seeing it for the first time. There are few words that equal the feeling of compassion in the room after the screening. And, all I can say is that I am grateful I had a chance to see two films that are sure to stay with me for a very long time. Kudos to Q Doc.

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PostHeaderIcon Viva La Lucha: Portland Latino Gay Pride 2010

LATIN NIGHTS: One of the big highlights of the annual Portland Latino Gay Pride Festival is always the Sunday closing night fete at the Jupiter Hotel. And this year's was no exception. In fact, I would even say that this year's party, aka La Lucha Festival, was one of the best. Making appearances at the event were major politicos including Mayor Sam Adams, State  Treasurer Ted Wheeler as well as County Commish candidate Karol Collymore. There were also a lot of super-hot guys and gals too. Well, see for yourself.

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PostHeaderIcon Stardar Report: The Cast of The Hills Were In Portland?

OMG...ISH: The hills of Portland, Ore. were alive with the cast of The Hills ? That is what I heard over the weekend. According to a very reliable source cast members of the MTV hit were secretly whisked to Portland to tape a section one of the show's final episodes in a posh waterfront condo. Now I don't know if that is actually true. According to Wikipedia, the last season wrapped up filming in late May. That said, coincidentally that is the about the time the cast was supposed to be in Portland and there are sources that place cast members at both the Hotel DeLuxe and Cassidy's Bar—familiar hide-aways for visiting Hollywood celebs including Michelle Williams, Spike Jonze, Huey Lewis and Jennifer Aniston. And, also, the fame-starved Spencer Pratt (one half of the recently split Spiedi) was promoting that Ultimate Fight guy here around the same time. So who knows. And, well, who really cares.

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