PostHeaderIcon Spike Me! Volleyballers Serve Up Hotness in Portland

HOT BALLS: The gay Volleyballers are here! The gay Volleyballers are here! OMG, if you noticed that downtown Portland—specifically between the Hilton Hotel and the Oregon Convention Center—is looking a lot like the streets of South Beach, well, that's because the North American Gay Volleyball Association has just kicked off its 2010 NAGVA Championships (hosted by the Portland Gay Volleyball Association) in Portland, attracting thousands of gay sporty types from across the land.

Did you know that volleyball is the second most popular sport in the world today, exceeded only by soccer. That was definitely the case last night at the registration party, held on the second floor of downtown's Hilton Hotel, that morphed into a underwear/fashion show (sponsored by UnderU4Men) and the crowning of Mr. Gay Volleyball 2010 where you had a chance to see more, and well, less of these incredibly "well-packaged" men (see above).

UnderU4men provided the undies, and the participants were more than happy to strut their stuff down the runway in everything from the "official" undergarments of the championships to the latest from Andrew Christian and Ginch Gonch (omg). And let's just say these boys—who came as far away as Honolulu, San Juan, and yes, there is even a team from the Los Angeles Police Department—more than lived up to the fantasy. The girls may have Sex and the City 2 to drool over this weekend, but we have hundred of gay volleyballers, in tight little shirts, and tight shorts, and...tight...well, let's just say this looks to be a great weekend!

So let's play ball, see what we can score, or at least snap someone with a wet towel after the game, shall we?

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PostHeaderIcon Breaking News: Storm Large To Star In Randy Newman Musical This Fall

STORM REPORT: Storm Large might have, not one, but two Broadway shows in her near future.

Yes, it's looking very likely that Storm Large will soon begin rehearsal in Los Angeles on a musical review of composer Randy Newman's music entitled Harps and Angels.

According to a quick Google search, it's the "Story of America, in Music" through Newman's tunes. The composer behind several of today's most popular soundtracks (Toy Story, Parenthood, The Natural), Harps and Angels culls from Newman back catalogue of hits to tell an original story about the American experience. The show is scheduled to premiere on November 11 at the Mark Taper Forum.

Now, if the show eventually goes East to New York, Large will be faced with the fact that both her own show, Crazy Enough, and Harps and Angels could both be Broadway bound—at the same time. But that's something to think about tomorrow. For now, Large is just getting to know the dude who penned the classic, Short People. Newman even suggested to Storm that he'd like to rework her "vagina" song, 8 Miles Wide, into his own version. "I feel a change coming on," laughed Newman.

Nothing is official yet, and the final cast has to be announced, but it sure looks like our girl Storm will have a very busy fall.

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PostHeaderIcon Sweet Street: Kenton Street Fair Was Awesome!

KEEPING IT KENTON: Last Saturday's Kenton Street Fair was nothing short of sweet. Despite the May-vember weather. Despite the fact the street sits on the edge of North Portland. Despite that it's been a fairly drowsy thoroughfare for the last few decades.

Despite all that, on Saturday this street, as it most of the time nowadays, was alive with the energy and enthusiasm of a kajillion cool vendors sharing their goods with the good people of this neighborhood. There was also a cool cart race. And plenty of cool bands (and a few under-cover celebs) strutting their stuff on the mainstage. I am so happy I live in Kenton.

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PostHeaderIcon Jena Malone & Chloe Sevigny To Star in M. Blash Project

M. Blash with Todd Haynes at the Portland premiere of Gus Van Sant's Milk.

STARDAR REPORT: Just heard word that M. Blash, the incredibly gorgeous film dude who has shot experimental indies, as well as the infamous Wieden + Kennedy "O Pioneers" campaign for Levi's featuring the wisdom of Walt Whitman, will soon start work on his long gestating film project, The Wait, now that he has his friends, Jena Malone and Chloe Sevigny, on board. The trio worked together before on Blash's Lying which had its premiere in 2006 at the Cannes Film Festival. No word on what particular Portland locations Blash intends on using as a backdrop for his film.

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PostHeaderIcon Gottfried & Baldwin To Shoot Stripperland in PDX

STARDAR REPORT: So while I've only heard rumors that Angelina Jolie and Adrian Grenier are both in talks to shoot movies in Portland, I can confirm that a couple of other "stars" are definitely shooting scenes now, or in the very near future, for a film that's sure to make our city proud. The flick, loosely based on Zombieland is called "Stripperland."  And the stars are none other than comic genius Gilbert Gottfried and the now Portland-based acting dynamo Daniel Baldwin. They will be joined by such horror flick faves as Boyd Banks and Linnea Quigley.  My source says Gottfried will shoot his scenes over a couple of days as well as perform at The Aladdin Theater (although his performance date has yet to appear on the Aladdin's calendar). And yes, there's even a contest to get on the soundtrack at

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