PostHeaderIcon Never Say Die: “The Goonies” Celebrates 25th Anniversary in Astoria (Now With "Mikey" too!)

CELEB UPDATE (3 pm, Wed., June 2): It was just confirmed that Goonies director Richard Donner and Sean Astin (who played Mikey) will also be in Astoria for the weekend.

GOLDEN GOONIES: "We went over to Mikey's dads place and we found this map that said that underneath this place there's buried treasure," so goes one of Chunk's infamous line from The Goonies.

The '85 American adventure-comedy film directed by Richard Donner, with a screenplay by Chris Columbus from a story by executive producer Steven Spielberg, was all about of band of kids from the "Goon Docks" neighborhood of Astoria, Oregon, who go on an adventure to find the buried treasure of One-Eyed Willy, a legendary 17th-century pirate.

Now, 25 years later, fans will gather from around the world will once again descend on Astoria, Ore. to celebrate this so-bad-it's-good film's very special anniversary.

Over this weekend's four-day event, June 4-7, Goonies lovers can retrace the steps of characters in the film by touring filming locations including the famous “Goonies House,” bowl at “Chunk’s Bowling Alley” plus have a chance to mingle with original cast members including Corey Feldman ("Mouth"), Jeff Cohen ("Chunk"), and Curt Hanson ("Mr. Perkins").

Yes, that Corey Feldman, who will join his band, Truth Movement, for a concert on Sunday at Warren Field. The Ataris, whose album “So Long, Astoria” was inspired by a trip to Goonies-ville, will also play. No word on whether Cyndi Lauper will make a "surprise" appearance.

As part of the 25th anniversary festivities, the new Oregon Film Museum will open its doors for the first time. Converted from the old Clatsop County Jail featured in “The Goonies,” the museum is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the art and legacy of Oregon films and film-making.  One of the many highlights is a special exhibit in the actual jail cell from, “The Goonies,” as well as stories, mementos and props from famous movies made in Astoria such as “Kindergarten Cop,” “Animal House,” “Twilight” and more.

And if things couldn't get better, another of the weekend’s top highlights will include a special announcement from Warner Home Video, delivered by none other than “The Goonies” cast members. (Could there possibly be a "Goonies: All Grown Up" in our future? And, will it include Josh Brolin in the cast?)

And don't forget an "80s night out" in downtown Astoria with costume contests, music, bowling at “Chunk’s Bowling Alley," hand-crafted “Goonies” beers created by local breweries or the “Truffle Shuffle” 5k Run/Walk on Monday. Lunar Boy Gallery also has a great show of Goonies-inspired artwork too (see "SlothMonkey" below). And make sure to check out the Astoria Coffeehouse and Bistro because they have really great coffee and good eats.

Visit for complete event details. Official memorabilia, including t-shirts, hats, glassware, collectible doubloons and more, will be available at the event headquarters named The Goon Docks, located at 15th and Marine Dr.

COST: Tickets are now on sale and will be available for most individual events, such as $5 for movie showings, $25 for a bus tour to film locations and $40 to attend the concert. Weekend passes will be available for $130.  Purchase tickets at or call the Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce at (800) 875-6807 for more information

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PostHeaderIcon Oh. La. La: Wine Tasting at Will & Kelsey's House

WINE-OH'S & AH'S:My apologies for not posting this earlier, but I am still recovering from an ever-so-fine Wine Tasting Party held at a Milwaukie manse last Saturday. It was in celebration of our friends Kelsey and Will Tucker's (Kelsey pictured above) completion of their long-awaited finished basement/man cave. The party required each guest to bring one bottle of wine valued at between $15 and $30. The varietal tasted was Cabernet and Cab-Merlot blend. Over the evening guests were asked to rate each bottle. The person who brought the wine with the highest score won dinner to a fancy restaurant and the loser won dinner at Mickey D's.

And, well, let's just say this crowd really knew how to taste their way through the party.

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PostHeaderIcon Renegade Writer-Man: Zach Dundas Book Reading

ZACH ATTACK: The reading for The Renegade Sportsman held Tuesday night at Powell's wasn't only a chance to hear its author speak but also a reunion of those who support the musings of Zach Dundas, including several ex-employees of Willamette Week, where the ginger-haired man-boy was once both a music and sportswriter. For his book, Dundas threw himself head first into the crusty, dusty, and must-see world of DIY sports with the results spilling out on the pages of The Renegade Sportsman. Dundas, who was attempting his first public book reading ever on Tuesday night, came off like a natural. He not only sounded like a pro—telling tales of his time entrenched in Iowa-based bike races—but he was able to maneuver the always difficult question and answer period. It doesn't hurt that he can a tell a mean joke and looks like a pocket-sized version of Conan O'Brien.  Those gathered at the packed Powell's reading joined Dundas for an after-party at Vino Paradiso.

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PostHeaderIcon Media Moves: Editor & Assoc. Publisher Leave Publications, Reporter Joins Non-Profit

MEDIA MATTERS: Familiar names in the Portland media scene have, or are about to, make major changes in their career paths.

*Maya Blackmun, a veteran education reporter for The Oregonian who left the daily in the fall of 2008, started her new position as the Communications Director for Basic Rights Oregon as of today.

*Now that her daughter is about to leave for college, Jill Spitznass (above, left), Editor-in-Chief of Saga Media's Portland Bride & Groom magazine, Senior Editor of the company’s Custom Publications division and former Style Editor of Portland Monthly magazine, has decided its time she embarked on a new adventure too. Her last day with Saga Media is Friday, June 11.

*Also leaving her publication as of June 11 is Willamette Week Associate Publisher Shawna McKeown. A ten-year vet of the alternative weekly McKeown has served as that publication's Production and General Manager as well as the Special Sections Publisher.

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PostHeaderIcon Spike Me! Volleyballers Serve Up Hotness in Portland

HOT BALLS: The gay Volleyballers are here! The gay Volleyballers are here! OMG, if you noticed that downtown Portland—specifically between the Hilton Hotel and the Oregon Convention Center—is looking a lot like the streets of South Beach, well, that's because the North American Gay Volleyball Association has just kicked off its 2010 NAGVA Championships (hosted by the Portland Gay Volleyball Association) in Portland, attracting thousands of gay sporty types from across the land.

Did you know that volleyball is the second most popular sport in the world today, exceeded only by soccer. That was definitely the case last night at the registration party, held on the second floor of downtown's Hilton Hotel, that morphed into a underwear/fashion show (sponsored by UnderU4Men) and the crowning of Mr. Gay Volleyball 2010 where you had a chance to see more, and well, less of these incredibly "well-packaged" men (see above).

UnderU4men provided the undies, and the participants were more than happy to strut their stuff down the runway in everything from the "official" undergarments of the championships to the latest from Andrew Christian and Ginch Gonch (omg). And let's just say these boys—who came as far away as Honolulu, San Juan, and yes, there is even a team from the Los Angeles Police Department—more than lived up to the fantasy. The girls may have Sex and the City 2 to drool over this weekend, but we have hundred of gay volleyballers, in tight little shirts, and tight shorts, and...tight...well, let's just say this looks to be a great weekend!

So let's play ball, see what we can score, or at least snap someone with a wet towel after the game, shall we?

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