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Courtenay Hameister, Mayor Sam Adams and Chelsea Cain at Falcon Art Community Spring Open Studio

ROOM FOR ART: On Friday night more than 25 of Oregon's most well-known painters, sculptors, photographers, writers and musicians showcased new works in their natural habitat, aka a basement maze, at the Spring Open Studio for the Falcon Art Community.

And how fresh was the paint on many of the pieces? Let's just say the back of my jacket is now a "work in progress," but I digress.

Working and showing off their current works in progress this who's who of resident and guest artists included Alexander Rokoff, Adam Miller, Samir Khurshid, Roll Hardy, Carrie Iverson, Kelly McCarty, Paul Green, Peter Zuckerman, Ken Roth, Nathaniel Praska, Tony Furtado, Alexandra Pacula, Destiny Lane, Brin Levinson, Jacob Norris, Andrea Benson, Peter Halasz, The Liberators, April Coppini, Sam Arneson, Jennie Baker, Patrick Puopolo, Molly Wolfe and more.

Enjoying the wine and nibbles—and live music performances by Tony Furtado, Holcombe Waller, Ben Darwish and Matt Sheehy—were Mayor Sam Adams, Courtenay Hameister, Davey Nipples, Wendy Haynes, Lisa Schroeder, John Breen, John Buffalo and author Chelsea Cain who, by the way, is currently packing her bags and heading to London to soak up all that is Will and Kate's wedding.

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