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Author Peter Zuckerman, Mayor Sam Adams and Falcon Arts Brian Wannamaker 

FALCON FOLLIES: I'm in love with a building. It's actually the basement I adore. And on Wednesday night that basement was flooded with people. That's because that was the night the Falcon Arts Community held an Open Studio Show in the gorgeous cellar of the Falcon Building just off of North Killingsworth.

The sub-ground space is an incredible home/showcase for some of Portland's best painters, sculptors, writers and musicians, including Paul Green, Alexander Rokoff, Roll Hardy, Carrie Iverson, Michael Endo, Kelly McCarty, Peter Zuckerman, Nathaniel Praska, Tony Furtado, Destiny Lane, Rai Villanueva, April Coppini, Mike Suri, Sam Arneson, Bobby Abrahamson, The Liberators and "others" (they shall remain nameless but these ladies live "large" and "lethal"). Live musical performances was provided by none other than Mississippi Studio's Jim Brunberg and friends—as well as a performance from jazz star, Ben Darwish.

And my buddy Zuckerman even revealed some of the pages from his upcoming tome on K2. It was a cool night.

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