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David Walker, Cort Webber, Fatboy Roberts, Aaron Duran, Courtenay Hameister, Byron Beck, Mike Russell and Ryan Fleming at Bagdad

A-MEH-ZING NIGHT: Friday was Cort Webber's 30-something-ish birthday. It was also the same night that this pod-casting radio god joined forces with his awkwardly handsome co-podcaster, Fatboy Roberts, for something really special: The Cort and Fatboy's "Faces of Meh Live!" Show prior to a midnight screening of "Scrooged"at the Bagdad Theater.

That night all the regular contributors to the C&FB show—including Aaron Duran, David Walker, Courtenay Hameister, Mike Russell, Ryan Fleming and myself—joined the dudes on stage for some honest discussion about anal sex. Okay, it was much more than that. The show was actually an opportunity for a live audience (which was much larger than I ever expected) to see just how these two "interact" with their crew off the air and outside of their natural habitat, the studios at

For approximately 90 minutes the audience had the rare treat of seeing Aaron at his most awesome nerdiest, David and Courtenay go at it like lovers, Ryan look hot and Mike steal the show with a power point presentation of a comic book he created just for the night. I also stripped down to my underwear. For their part Cort and Fatty provided colorful commentary, interacted with audience members from the "text box" and basically sat there with a sense of bemused attachment that they usually save for their best bowel movements.  

Oh yeah, once the alcohol kicked in, it was a great night.

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