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UPDATE (4 pm, Thursday): Just found out that Michael Convery kicks off his new gig covering traffic for KATU either tomorrow or Monday morning.

NEWSIE NEWS: Yesterday I received the following from a guy named Dave: "Today on KGW Morning News, traffic reporter Michael Convery announced that it was his last day on the air.  Do you know why?  Was this voluntary?  Was his contract not renewed?  Will he still report on KEX AM? Did it have anything to do with the fact that when you lined up with Russ Lewis, Brenda Braxton, Drew Carney, and Nick Allard, that Convery just didn’t quite have “the look” and image KGW might have been after?"

Well, after asking one of my good buddies over at KGW about this, I did find out that one of the above questions alludes to the answer of just what happened to Mr. Convery.

From what I am to understand KGW has entered into a “strategic alliance” with Alpha Broadcasting (that's the folks who own KINK and other local stations). Because Convery not only worked for KGW for the last seven years, but also Clear Channel (including KEX AM) his ties to Clear Channel mean he couldn't continue to do traffic for KGW.

According to KGW's LIve @ 7's own Stephanie Stricklen, "We all think it's a bummer, but it's just how it works."

And now you know, Dave.

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