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David Bragdon on his "last" zoo train ride at The Oregon Zoo

BRAGGY'S BIG GOODBYE: I will miss David Bragdon now that he's got that swell job in New York and I have no idea when I will see him again.

But I did get a chance to see him take one "last train ride" at The Oregon Zoo.

Around 4 pm on Tuesday, a crowd of friends and colleagues joined "Braggy" (that's my nickname for him) on The Oregon Zoo train, and I have to tell you, David was in heaven and looked just like a little boy.

That's the thing about David: he has the energy and enthusiasm of a wide-eyed child.

There are three "F's" I am going to remember him for.

"Foamer": I'll never forget the trip I took with him up the Columbia Gorge on a steam locomotive. This guy loves trains. In fact, he's taking one all the way across the country to his new job in New York. How old school can you get?

"Fan": I'll never forget Braggy's "antics" at various Pink Martini concerts. It was as if Charo had invaded the body of Dick Cavett. His herky-jerky dancing and flag waving during the playing of "Brazil" is PRICELESS.

"Friend": David has been a good friend to Portland. He's also been a good friend to me.

I will miss him dearly, as will his other friends who showed up later Tuesday evening inside the lobby of The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall to wish him safe travels.

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