PostHeaderIcon Aden Jaric Ends Up in Jail After Fight With Jordan Jaric

Aden and Jordan Jaric in a happier moment on Tuesday night at Aura Nightclub in Portland, Ore.

JAILED JARIC: On Tuesday night I was happily chatting with "The Jarics," (site NSFW) in Portland, Ore. to make an appearance at Bling Dental's 1st Anniversary party, about how this monogamous gay porn couple—who recently  split up—were doing their best to maintain their supposedly healthy, freshly-minted "friendship."

Oh, how a day can change everything.

That's because early Thursday morning, Eric Mulvaney, aka "Aden Jaric," ended up in jail for allegedly shoving a glass paperweight into the face of his ex, Jason Hannan, aka "Jordan Jaric."

From what I've been told the altercation went down following Miss Thing, a drag queen competition at a local bar named The Fez where the Jarics were celebrity judges for the night.

According to witnesses, The Jarics, following Miss Thing, were given gifts from a local clothing store—including a glass paperweight. It was at or near another bar, Boxxes, where witnesses said that during an alcohol-fueled argument Eric hit Jason in the face with an object. The cops were called. Eric was hauled off to jail.  According to sources Jason did not press charges.

Due to the nature of the allegation—domestic violence—the case is considered confidential and Portland Police will not comment on it, but the police could confirm Mulvaney was arrested at Northwest 9th and Lovejoy Street at approx. 3 am Thursday morning, July 15, and charged with assault in the fourth degree and one count of harassment.


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