PostHeaderIcon Arty Party: 21st Annual Cascade AIDS Project Art Auction

STARRY NIGHT: With stars from both Cirque du Soleil and Leverage making appearances at the 21st Annual Art Evening and Auction to benefit Cascade AIDS Project—as well as food from such local foodie stars as Beast's Naomi Pomeroy, Gruner's Chris Israel and Bluehour's Drew Lockett—it might have been tempting to think the focus wasn't on the walls at this arty party held Saturday night inside the very busy Bison Building. But all you had to do was take one look at the art on those walls to see who the real stars of the night were at this always impressive charity event. Everywhere you looked was art and art lovers (including City Commish/art collector Nick Fish) jockeying to get their bids on works from such diverse talents as Grace Weston, Michael T. Hensley, D.E. May, Lucinda Parker, J.D. Perkins, Tom Cramer and Sherrie Wolf. There was even a piece by late, great gallery owner William Jamison featuring the very attractive backside of another local artist who just so happens to be opening a show in a downtown gallery this very week. Kudos to CAP's art angel, Roma Peyser as well as CAP Executive Director Michael Kaplan who was quite the host as was the other hosts of the evening—KC Cowan, Jana Wells, Tim Joyce, Priya David, Courtenay Hameister and Daria Eckhardt Eliuk (pictured above with Sean Sasser and his partner Kaplan, right). What a great night.

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