PostHeaderIcon Party Report: IACP'ing to the Very Last Drop

PARTY REPORT: As the IACP confab was starting to wind down, Friday night Willamette Valley Vineyards helped to wine it up as it hosted an extremely well-stocked late night party featuring rare sips of their best stuff deep in the bowels of the Hotel Vintage Plaza. And on Saturday night the IACP's Chef/Restaurateur of the Year Lisa Schroeder, hosted an even later shin-dig at Mother's Bistro for IACP volunteers that morphed into an impromptu dance/after-party once DJ Mumu turned up the tunes. Spotted in the crowd were IACP pretty boys Adam and Brad Farmerie (above), IACP president Scott Givot (in yet one more fabulous outfit), StarChef's Editor Antoinette Bruno (in need of four AA batteries), and the chef with the most heavy-hitters to grace his space this week: Castagna's Matt Lightner.

Last Updated (Sunday, 25 April 2010 22:28)

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