PostHeaderIcon Here Comes The Sun-Power: Better Living Show & After Party

LIVING IT UP: The third outing of the EnergyTrust Better Living Show—held this weekend at the Expo Center—quickly proved that there is more to sustainability than just new uses for hemp and what to do with empty water bottles. In fact, the lowly lit, highly-attended weekend event has all the makings of becoming a permanent fixture in my spring schedule. Where else can you see the inside of a fish, or the outside of a building, and find out how they are all interconnected? And, really, where else are you going to see Mayor Sam Adams, at the city's climate change booth, handing out planting supplies like he was some sort of civic-minded mix of Bob Barker and Johnny Appleseed? There were plenty of samples—organic ice cream, wine and crackers—as well avian sights including henhouses full of chickens and a few feathered friends from the Oregon Zoo. One of the big draws was the sustainable clothing section which included offerings from the likes of Semper fashions, which helped to host a late-night after party at the Benson Hotel on Saturday night.

Last Updated (Monday, 29 March 2010 11:30)

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