PostHeaderIcon Friday Grab Bag: Cort Sports Short Shorts, Perfect "Gift" For Tiger's Woody, Breaking News on Eater

CORT & FATTY's YULE LOGS: Cort and Fatboy do a podcast every weekday. I drop by on Thursdays. We always have loads of fun. But yesterday, was extra fun because I had a chance to hang out with the "The Woods" soon to be infamously as "those crazy kids who put french fries on EVERYTHING." Lisa and Brian Woods (pics below) are opening a food cart called Big Ass Sandwiches. It will pop up on SW Third Avenue and Ash Street on Monday.

I also "gifted" Cort  and Fatboy with present for the homo-est of holidays. That would be photos above of Cort in the Spicy Pickle boxer shorts I gave him. If I'm not mistaken he still has them on. If you wanna listen to all the holiday lewdness go here (and make sure to read the comments).

TIGER'S WOOD: Speaking of "gifts" I can't think of a better present for the golfer-who-is-about-to-loose-everything than Doc Johnson's (site NSFW) "Exploding Golf Balls With Vagina Pieces." I would LOVE to see Tiger Wood's face when he hit one of these "balls." They are available at fine novelty stores everywhere and here.

FOODIE NEWS: I now contribute to a really cool foodie website: Eater PDX. And I broke some news today about the closure of a coffeehouse in Northwest Portland. Read all about what is going down with Sydney's here.


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