PostHeaderIcon Foodie News: Violetta Adds New Meaning To Term "Restaurant Boom"

BOOM TOWN: "Yeah, it's true," said a Director's Park security guard. "Violetta was the site of an explosion over the weekend."

I too had heard the rumour when a foodie friend of mine received a text with the following ominous words:

"Roux 2 just blew up...literally."

"Roux 2" is a reference to Violetta's owner, Dwayne Beliakoff, much celebrated but now closed North Portland eatery, Roux.

To catch up on that story you can read more about it here.

But when I had to chance to actually ask someone today as well as take a pic (above) here's what I heard about the "incident."

"A contractor accidently set off some propane tanks inside the restaurant," said the guard about why an explosion happened. "But all he did was knock out a few windows."

Said windows have already been replaced and the worker, according to my source, was just "burned a little bit."

I am surprised that Eater PDX hasn't already reported this, since, what I've been told, one of its editor has a job at Violetta and keeps reporting on how the opening of Portland's "fastest slow food restaurant" keeps getting delayed.

Surely they must've known about it.

Wonder why they didn't report it and, more importantly, when it will open now?

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