PostHeaderIcon Yeah, Baby: Brit Actor Michael York Making Beautiful Music in Portland?

YORK TOWN: Younger viewers miight remember him as "Basil Exposition" in all those Austin Powers movies.

Austin Powers: Only two things scare me and one of them is nuclear war. 
Basil Exposition: What's the other? 
Austin Powers: Excuse me? 
Basil Exposition: What's the other thing that scares you? 
Austin Powers: Carnies. Circus folk. Nomads, you know. Smell like cabbage. Small hands. 

But I will always remember actor Michael York as that dude from the 70's sci-fi classic Logan's Run and as the sweet cherry that Liza Minnelli popped in her mouth in the film version of the musical Cabaret.

What I didn't know about this legendary actor is that he is also a recording artist. And that he does that recording in Portland, Oregon.



According to a dear friend, word is that this witty Brit is currently working with musician Michael Hoppe on a new "project."

In 2007 York and Hoppe set music to some of the world's best known love poems with "How Do I Love Thee?"

On Saturday York took a break from recording to dine with Hoppe and his beautiful Monica Campbell Hoppe on Saturday night at Bluehour.

And on Sunday, a very weird thing happened to me at a dusty periodical shop in the Hollywood District.

I found an very worn copy of After Dark Magazine from 1976.

Now, in the late 70's and early 80's this was the gay man's bible. Although it purported to be all about the world of entertainment, it was full of homo-friendly ads and images. And almost always included at least one picture of Liza M., Halston or Truman Capote somewhere in its pages.

So it was really weird that I would find a super old copy of it the day after I found out that York had hit town. Best casino online here at

This particular issue not only featured the incredibly handsome York on the cover (see above) and a slew of naked dudes from the Vietnam War (yeah, it was that kind of mag), but it also included a mention of Ashland's Oregon Shakespearean Festival (and inside, to illustrate the OSF article, there is a picture of a very young and very cute Allen Nause). There was even an ad for one this city's most legendary salons at the time: Alder West.

Now, isn't it strange that, of all things, that is what I would find on a Sunday afternoon in Portland?

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