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BATTER UP: One of the joys of being an adult is pushing back the cereal bowl, grabbing The Sunday New York Times and going to your favorite breakfast joint to load up on griddle cakes, eggs, bacon and coffee. 

Now a new place has come along to mess with that perfect morning. 

And it's called Slappy Cakes.

The name sort of fits the place perfectly because this brand new breakfast concept has me slapping my mouth in disbelief.

Slappy Cakes actually wants me to cook my own breakfast. At the table. By myself.

According to this Willamette Week scoop the restaurant will also offer a full breakfast and liquor (shots and a hot grill...hmmm).

Now, I sort of enjoyed the whole Benihana experience, that is back in my prom days of the late 1970's. 

But this is completely different. 

The idea of getting up in the morn just so I can sling my own hash, well, it's pretty foreign to me. 

I can barely pour milk.

That's why I thought I would check in with Slappy Cakes Chef Steven Hazel, 40, (pictured above) so he could enlighten me with a little batter chatter. Here's what he had to say.

What is Slappy Cakes?

Slappy Cakes' food is a solid reflection of its individuality. Taking standard menu items from America's comfort food regime, Slappy Cakes is defining its culinary tradition with house made condiments, syrups, jellies, chutneys and baked goods (brioche and focaccia yes!)  The 1,200 square foot kitchen garden will deliver herbs and veggies year round to help keep it real, real local. It wil be a fun and interactive breakfast and lunch restaurant experience with griddles built into every table. Choose your batter, throw on your extras...say, bacon and chocolate chips... and get ready to flip your cake! We will also have a full bar with unusual pairings...maple and fig Manhattan for breakfast? All put together in a vintage space with exposed wood beams, wacky decor and subtle design, Slappy Cakes is set to serve the currently hungry Mt. Tabor neighborhood, the city at large and anyone whose has a sense of adventure for food and fun.

Why do I want to make my own breakfast? 

I think food has lost a lot of it's fun. The thought of being able to sit down at a table and cook your food with friends or family, is such a great idea. It seems in today's fast paced world people don't take the time to sit down and enjoy enough meals together. We do the shopping for you and all the prep, you just have to come in and have fun cooking, and we do all the clean up.  No guilt, and everyone can be an artist.

What is your favorite food to eat and make? 

My favorite breakfast item is Croque-monsieur. Every time I have one it takes me back to the Le Deauville cafe on the Champs Elysées. There is nothing better than homemade croissants fresh out of the oven, except if that croissant has ham,  gruyère in it and Béchamel on top.

 What if I don’t want breakfast? 

If you don't want breakfast we offer a great selection of American comfort food. Daily house made soups, salads with the best seasonal ingredients, house made hamburgers, and sauerkraut to go with your Reuben. Blue plate specials such as meatloaf and mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie with vegetables from our garden, and to finish some house made desserts such as apple pie with melted Tillamook cheddar, or a triple chocolate brownie with locally made ice cream.

Can I get fries with that? 

We are going to be making our fries from scratch whether it is sweet potato or russet. Pommes frites style, with our secret blend of spices, and served with an eclectic array of condiments.

Slappy Cakes, a fully sustainable new café featuring table top griddles will open its doors to the public for its Grand Opening Party on October 24th, from 11am until 2pm at 4246 SE Belmont Street.  Taste breakfast Martinis, all from local distilleries, sip on champagne, and taste bites made up specially for you from Chef Steven Hazel. Featuring live lounge music, and oh yes lots of pancake batter. 

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