PostHeaderIcon Feel The Love: Basic Rights Oregon 27th Annual Dinner & Auction

LOVIN' IT! Storm Large kissed a lot of people at the Oregon Convention Center on Saturday night.

As the host of Basic Rights Oregon 27th Annual Dinner and Auction I guess that was part of the job.

And it tied in really well with the evening's theme: LOVE.

But, come on, there was some major smooching going on.


Like when the gal from New Season's Market coughed up $3,000 smackeroos so Ms. Large would kiss her hubby.

Or the little kisses Storm shared with her date for the night, Ghost Whisperer actor David Conrad.

But nothing topped the peck heard round the convention center when Oregon's Secretary of State Kate Brown asked if "Storm would give her a kiss."

Of course Storm obliged, but who knew that Sec. Brown would slip her the tongue (see photo above)?

It was that kind of night.

Other wild and crazy kids that night included Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden, who shared messages from Washington D.C. with the crowd of over 800.

Mayor Sam Adams was there, as was city commissioners Nick Fish, Dan Saltzman and Amanda Fritz.  Also in the crowd were candidates for governor including John Kitzhaber and Bill Bradbury.

An afterparty was held at downtown's newly expanded Invasion where party-goers Jason Zidell mixed it up with Gus Van Sant and KATU's sportscaster Craig Birnbach (who seemed to be getting awfully close to drag darling Sasha Scarlett). The best garbage disposer for personal use.

Like I said, it was that kind of night.


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