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Lisa Frisch shopping for Twinkies, Zachary the hot pharmacist, Bill Failing, Anne Naito Campbell, ping pong playing employees, Bullseye and a fan, more cute shoppers, Ken Gordon, and North Atlantic playing in the bras and panties dept.

RIGHT ON TARGET: The unveiling of the new City Target in downtown Portland was one of the most anticipated grand openings since H&M swept into town.

The party which attracted about 1,000 guests to City Target—the store is located in The Galleria at 921 SW Morrison Street and is just one of seven locations nationwide—gave a lucky few a chance to mingle, drink and load up on really cute T-shirts and boxes of Twinkies.

Shopping and drinking. I couldn't think of a better night.

The party, and the whole store, has a bit of a Portlandia edge to it (they've even put a bird atop the "hi, Portland" sign). For the opening there was great eats from Kenny & Zuke's, Native Bowl, Double Dragon, the ubiquitous Voodoo Doughnuts and others. There was also wine, beer and sweet treats to be enjoyed while listening to the indie band North Atlantic, which played a rockin' set right in front of the bra and panties section of the multi-level store.

Yes, this isn't your Tigard Target. It's got a great downtown vibe (everything seems so small in here) and will be just the spot to pick all the necessary items you might need...did I tell you they have Twinkies?

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