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Eric Marcoux and Eugene Woodworth, Vicci Martinez, Mayor Charlie and Nancy Hales, Gov. Barbara Roberts, Terry Bean, Adam Killian, Ben Cohen, Ted Wheeler, parade watchers, Basic Rights Oregon, bleacher crowd at Embers, hot fireman and cops

PRIDE 2013: I was very proud of Pride 2013. There was plenty to be proud about.

The people who marched, like Eric Marcoux and Eugene Woodworth, who have been partners for sixty years. These two went to the first three Portland Pride parades 30 years ago but were needed else in our community until yesterday, when they were in the parade with another person to be proud of, Sister Paula Nielsen, and the good folks of Sage Metro Portland. These queer elders rock...and I am not talking about in a chair.

I was also proud to see rugby legend, and anti-bullying champion Ben Cohen in the parade again. He's becoming a bit of a Pride regular. I think this was his third parade in a row. He always walks with an incredibly large group of really cool people from Nike.

I was proud to see Mayor Charlie Hales and his wife Nancy. And Mult. Co. Chair Jeff Cogen. And Gov. Barbara Roberts joined as always by Terry Bean. I was also proud of other politicians, including Kate Brown, Jennifer Williamson, Tina Kotek, Brad Avakian, Ted Wheeler and others, who marched with Basic Rights Oregon. That's who I marched with too, right next to my partner Juan Martinez, who I am also very proud of.

I was proud of the crowd.

And the pop star (The Voice's Vicci Martinez participated in her first ever Pride).

And the porn star.

I was even proud of the weather (it was perfect for the day).

All in all, I was proud of Pride.

Now...about the Waterfront Festival and those very, very, very long lines.

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