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War Horse "Joey" in Keller Auditorium lobby on Tuesday morning

WAR HORSE opened last night at Keller Auditorium and to call it a thrilling night of theater would be an understatement. This show is pure magic. Equal parts tragic and transcendent this show is powered by puppets. Yes. Puppets. It's jarring at first to see three people making a young foal trot around the stage...but...soon..the people who man the puppets disappear and all you have left is are these breathing, heaving, incredible beasts.  The Keller sometimes gets a bad rap for being too big a stage for many touring Broadway shows. But, damn, if this show didn't push the stage to its limits with a highly choreographed show that was part theater, part dance and a whole lot of love. We were in the third row and could see every movement that made the star, "Joey," move across the stage. It was spectacular and one of the best nights of performance art/theather/dance I've ever witnessed. And the lovely ladies sitting next to us—after realizing it wasn't a musical—said it "was much better than the movie."

Yesterday morning U.S. Bank Broadway Across America Portland invited a group of press, bloggers, and comic artists to meet the star of the show up close and personal. Joey is the star of the show: a 120 pound, breathing, galloping, rearing horse handmade by theHandspring Puppet Company in South Africa. He is controlled by three puppeteers: The Head (who controls the ears and head); The Heart (who controls the breathing and front legs); and The Hind (who controls the tail an back legs).

Once outside of the horse, puppeteers Danny Yoerges, Brian Burns, Gregory Manley and Aaron Haskell gushed over PDX. It seems like they’ve already hit up some of the usual spots (coffee shops, Powells), but they got some
inside tips on the food cart scene from Food Carts Portland blogger Brett Burmeister and showed off some of the whinnying and neighing skills they picked up at “Horse College.”

The winner of five Tony Awards®, WAR HORSE is a remarkable tale of friendship, courage and loyalty where a young boy enlists in World War I to save his beloved horse. Called “theatrical magic” by The New York Times and “spellbinding” by the New York Post this thrilling show is not to be missed.

plays at Keller Auditorium through Sunday. Below are some of the locals who enjoyed opening night.

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