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Winner Zia McCabe, Pencil Pete, Jerome Kersey, Dave Dahl, Timber Joey, and the silent auction prior to the Celeb Spelling Bee

SEE & BEE SCENE: The OnPoint Community Credit Union Celebrity Spelling Bee, held Thursday night at the Portland Art Museum, was not only a chance to bring together a community of supporters for the very much-needed Schoolhouse Supplies program, it was also a chance to see well-known local celebs, including KGW's Reggie Aqui, Portland Blazer's new General Manager Chris McGowan, bread kingpin Dave Dahl, author Peter Zuckerman and Mayor Charlie Hales among others, mangle and mumble their way through some pretty hard-to-spell and extremely obscure words.

I was one of the lucky judges who had a chance to banter and cajole the contestants, alongside Timber Joey and actor Tyler Hughs.

All the boys were knocked out fairly early in the evening leaving it up to four women, Candace Brouchard, Pat Janowski, Zia McCabe, and Krya Bussanich to battle it to the finish. The last two contestants ended up being Pat Janowski (who was vying for a three-peat with this year's competition) and Zia McCabe (from The Dandy Warhols). With a couple of twists and turns Zia ended up the big winner and went home with a trophy that was nearly twice her size. Said Zia, who had studied intensely for the competition but was still more surprised by her win than anyone else: "I was pretty sure I was to going to go out on my very first word."

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