PostHeaderIcon Pretty City: Departure's Gregory Gourdet & Salon 3.0


Departure Chef Gregory Gourdet (center), Jobie Bailey, Carrie Welch, Daniel Mondok, Crispin Argento, Kara Sherman, Lisa Clark, Tommy Habetz, Brooke Lack and Jeffrey Morgenthaler's booty.

SALON OF THE STARS: Each year, for one night, it seems like this city's entire foodie scene drops their knives and heads up to the top floor of The Nines Hotel and its Departure Restaurant and Lounge for Chef Gregory Gourdet's incredible little get-together, aka "Salon."

And this year's Salon 3.0, on Sunday night, attracted the best and the brightest in the food and beverage community to sample Chef Gourdet's very best sushi, dim sum, grill and wok favorites from his Departure kitchen. Cocktail andn spirits were also quaffed along with beer and a wee bit of wine. DJ Evan Alexander kept the joint bouncing and DaBooth snapped up photos of this sassy, sweet-looking crowd.  This is always one of my favorite parties of the year.

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