PostHeaderIcon YTK: Speaker Tina Kotek's Celebration at Holocene


Aimee Wilson, Tina Kotek and Jeana Frazzini at The YTK Celebration at Holocene

KICKIN' IT FOR KOTEK: It was a fundraiser. It was a dance party. It was a chance for people to get together and chat.

But mainly, Wednesday night's "YTK" party at Holocene was a celebration of the inauguration of Oregon Speaker of the House Tina Kotek, the first openly lesbian Speaker of the House in the United States.

Tina seemed to be having the time (and she is quite the dancer) at this party/benefit for Basic Rights Oregon Education Fund as were the nearly 200 politicos and other progressive-minded folks gathered in the room to celebrate the historic occasion. Favori Odessa Kızlar sex escort

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