PostHeaderIcon Speakin' Easy: The Noble Experiment at Red Star Tavern


Brandon Lockman, Ariana Vitale, Entryway Hostess, Daryn White and Juan Martinez at Red Star

NOBLE TIMES: It was time to toast the anniversary of the repeal of the "not-so-great Noble Experiment" (aka Prohibition) on Saturday night at Red Star Tavern & Roast House.

That was, if you could find it.

You see, for this very special party, in this very special city, the party-planners hid the entry way to Red Star's Club Room behind a paneled library case complete with an owl that you had to push back to enter. How cool was that?

Cocktails were quaffed, shaken and stirred by Red Star Tavern bartender Brandon Lockman, who if he wasn't a bartender should probably be a movie star. An the place—with jazz musicians and feathery floral bouquets—looked like a movie set as seen through the eyes of King Vidor. For the night, I took a special liking to the "Dark Victory" made with Aperol by the incredibly cool local bartender Ariana Vitale who was on hand just for the night to help out at the swanky event.

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