PostHeaderIcon Drink Up: PQ Monthly Press Party at Vault Martini


Vault Martini's Casey Hopkin and bear-tender Ross Milam

PRESSING THE FLESH: On Thursday night hot cocktail-ologist Ross Milam held court behind the bar at Vault Martini as plenty of good Portland folks toasted the latest edition of Oregon's go-to lgbtq monthly magazine, PQ Monthly, to roll off the press.

Milam, a local legend of sorts, and Vault's bar staff, served up spicy PQ-themed drinks (including one that featured house infused pineapple-habanero vodka) to cuties with sweet booties including Karol Collymore, Daniel Borgen, Roey Thorpe and the publisher of PQ Monthly Melanie Davis (wait until you hear where next month's press party is!)

Last Updated (Monday, 21 January 2013 11:53)

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