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Amanda Needham, Marissa Sullivan and a couple of other beautiful people at Harlem

CLUB DUB: I waited a few minutes outside of the old Central on SW Ankeny Street to soak in all the changes that were taking place at this Old Town boite spot.

I heard there was a party, sponsored by (I think) jewelry designer Stick and Stones, and (I think) it was their big launch night for the new space. Here's what I noticed. First, the name has changed, it's now called Harlem. Also, there's a new hot dog window next to the entry way called Uncle Dick's Deep Fried Hot Dogs. I had a bite of one with kimchi as I waited outside to go in. It was good.

Once in, I noticed the interiors had changed quite a bit. A sleek space, with a giant fan whirling above, it was split into two levels: one for drinking and one for all out dancing. What hadn't changed was the guy behind the space: Dustin Knox. I caught him just as he was popping the cork on some champagne. That guy knows how to throw a party. I hear it's designed to be a place where you can just drop by and hangout. Well, maybe that will be on other nights. Last night, this was the coolest club in town.

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