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The ballroom, a bedroom, an apartment and some really handsome dudes at The Colony

ROOM TO MOVE: I would like to introduce you to The Colony, Portland's latest, and St. Johns greatest, gathering place. The vision of restaurant entrepreneur Dayna McErlean (she's one of the major forces behind the restaurant row off of NE Killingsworth and is the owner of Yakuza and D.O.C.) the ginormous space, at the corner of North Richmond and Lombard Streets, features not one, but two 1,000-square-foot short-term rental apartments, a 25-foot high, 2,000-square-foot ballroom and a 1,500-square-foot dance studio. There are at least two fireplaces, at least three kitchens, a bar, several meeting rooms and a great outdoor area perfect for pitching a few Airstream-type trailers, which Dayna intends to do.

On Monday night Dayna held a private party to celebrate the new space and invited friends and family to share in The Colony's cool-ness. And it is a really cool space. Dayna intends to do invite all sorts of projects to this creative 'colony,' much like she did with her ahead of its time space on Alberta called Isitness.

Whatever you may think of St. Johns (it's too far out, it's too funky, it's too too) I believe The Colony will be a shining star for not just the neighborhood, but the entire city of Portland. Thank you Dayna.

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