PostHeaderIcon "I Love To Eat" Premiere & Party at Portland Center Stage


Philippe Boulot waves to the crowd, Gabe Rucker, Wendy Lane, Juan Martinez, Rob Nagle, Ryan Robinson, Jennifer Williamson

EAT BEAT: "I Love to Eat" is more than just a great night of theater, it's also an opportunity to spend time with a really cool guy.

Rob Nagle absolutely nails his portrayal of Oregon-born icon James Beard in a one-man show about a man many may have heard of, but may not know much about (except for those in the foodie world).

At Portland Center Stage, Nagle is not only able to pierce the membrane of a man who popularized the "American" style of cooking (there's a great conversation about fried chicken embedded in this play) but he exposes the somewhat lonely soul of a man who not only loved to eat, but laugh, love and LIVE.

That's the big message that "I Love To Eat" shares with its audience on the mainstage of the Armory. It's not just about food, nor would it work if it was just about food; we have plenty of reality shows that do just that. No, this show is about the passions of one man, including his much missed and beloved Oregon, and how he was able to share that with not only with his dining companions but with the world. I could have spent the whole night listening to Nagel channel James Beard and his stories. And isn't that what a good dinner host is supposed to do?

Opening night of this West Coast premiere was capped with a larger-than-life party, to benefit Portland's soon-to-open public market featuring James Beard's name, held in the lobby of the Gerding Theater featuring not one, but four, Portland-based James Beard Foundation winners including Gabe Rucker, Philippe Boulot, Corey Schreiber and Greg Higgins.

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