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Beth Molzahn, Steve Dunn, Kristi Waite, Rami from Kassab, Deb Knapp, Steve and a whole lot of Tweeters

TV TWEET TIME: It sounded like a rough gig. But somebody had to "hate watch" THAT show and tweet about. And, well, it might as well be me.

I am talking about "The Bachelor."

I was invited to an exclusive party/tweet-up at The Nines Hotel on Monday night to watch this seasons premiere.

As always, The Nines provided an never-ending splashy buffet of sweet treats and drinks. And the crowd, made up of tweeters and some nice folks you would recognize from your television set including KATU news anchors Steve Dunn, Deborah Knapp, Angelica Thornton and Brian Wood, was there to party and have fun with a show EVERYONE seems to watch (who knew Steve Dunn was such a DEVOTED fan of this series?).

Also on hand was Beth Molzahn (mother of Bachelor contestant Tenley Molzahn) and my new friends from Kassab Jewelers. Yes, I was one of the lucky winners of a set of Tacori DIAMOND earrings from Kassab (so was Tenley's mother). Not really sure what I will do with the set yet. But, yes, I am glad I went to the event. And, gulp, don't tell anybody, but I actually liked the show. Or maybe that was just the wine. On second hand it was probably the wine. It was really good wine.

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