PostHeaderIcon I Want MY 80's Video Dance Attack at Crystal Ballroom


Karol Collymore and Juan Martinez dance like its 1999 at 80s Video Dance Attack at The Crystal Ballroom on Friday night.

LIKE TOTALLY: Missed old-school MTV? Want to hang out with a bunch of kids who were likely not even born during the 1980's, but raided their parents closets so they look like they were part of that bitchin' decade?

Then head to the Crystal Ballroom whenever it's 80s Video Dance Attack night.

The mood is hot. The music is awesome. The videos are totally spot on. And the floor bounces. What else could you ask for? On Friday night it was a great way to bring in the first week of the new year.

The next one is Jan. 18. And its HUGE. McMenamins Crystal Ballroom and Hotel 80s Weekend (First of two nights) will include videos and '80s tunes the first night, and an '80s themed dance with live music the second. And yes, you should totally come in costume.Click here for details.

Last Updated (Sunday, 06 January 2013 21:23)

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