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Celeste Trapp and Brian Wannamaker at Council Crest home, Raven & Rose's David Padberg, Natalia Toral and Kristen Koors, Raven & Rose neighbors, Brian, Kate Sokoloff, Crofton Diack, Sam Adams, Celeste, Sam and Peter Zuckerman

NEW YEAR NIGHT OUT: I loved going out on New Year's Eve. Our first stop was at the brand new Raven & Rose. It's a beautiful new restaurant and bar located in the Ladd Carriage House on SW Broadway across from the Oregonian news building. Although they haven't "officially" opened yet, they did open their gas-lit establishment that night to their neighbors and friends and it was quite the night with libations mixed by the one and only Dave Shenaut and bites courtesy Chef David Padberg.

Our next stop was the home of Brian Wannamaker and Celeste Trapp. They opened up their new house (not from Council Crest Park it once was the home of former governor Neil Goldschmidt) to friends and family and let the good times roll late into the evening. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at one of the most tippy top points of Portland. It was was a beautifully clear night and sort of thrilling to watch the city below celebrate with fireworks and such. As the clocked ticked down to midnight Mayor Sam Adams even took a turn at the piano. As Brian said on Facebook: "I believe most Portlanders would have liked Mayor Sam to have "played it again", but as we sorrowfully know, he decided against running for an additional term. It was an honor to enjoy his company as he finished his term as Mayor at the house."

Our very last stop was Tony's Tavern on SW Burnside. At 1:30 am it was pretty empty, except for a really cool bartender and a couple of late night revelers playing video poker. We played the jukebox (which is truly amazing and includes lots of songs from the 1970's and 80's) before calling it a night.

Oh yes, it was a good time.

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