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Jason Hancock, Thomas Lauderdale, Lois Leveen, Elaine and Jacob Tanzer, Lucy Brennan, George Koop, Cute Server, Vivian McInerny, Lorainne Rose, Wesley and Gavin Younie, Scott Hall, Juan Martinez, Holcombe Waller, David Parson (left), Crofton Diack, Arnold and Jacob Pander, David Cress (right), China Forbes (left), The Holiday Sing-A-Long Singers

THE PARTY: On Thursday night  Thomas Lauderdale and Philip Iosca, along with their friends, Bill Tennant, Peter Murray and Jason Mitchell invited a group of friends to join them at the 11th Annual Holiday Party.

I like to call it simply, "The Party."

I marvel at how these gentlemen, year in and year out, are able to gather such an incredible group of people together...and then convince them to ALL sing holiday classics. But it works like a charm and this dressy affair is always quite charming and always the party of the year.

It is also always a highly anticipated invitation. This year though there was a bit more anticipation in the air. After taking a break from the party last winter, and following years of construction, for many of us this was our first time  to view Thomas and Philip's newly renovated "home."  And what a home it is. Stunning. Beautiful. Perfect. 

The party was perfect too. Guests mingled throughout the arty abode all the while sipping on cocktails from Lucy Brennan's Mint, and nibbling on killer food from Tastebud and Nong's Khao Man Gai before belting out holiday classics with Mr. Lauderdale at the piano. The party went late. It always does. I think that's because nobody wants to leave.

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