PostHeaderIcon Stardar: Zachary Quinto Spotted in NW Portland


CELEB-U-WATCH: On Christmas Eve Zachary Quinto was spotted at Byways Cafe in Portland's Pearl District.

I heard from several sources that the star of Heroes, Star Trek (he's the new Spock) and American Horror Story, was having breakfast there. I am not sure why he might be in town during the holidays, although the person he is supposedly dating, Glee's Jonathan Groff did recently film a movie here.

One side note: Someone on Twitter said they saw him on the same day at a mall in Lancaster, Penn. If I had to pick between a busy mall in a snowy state compared to a breakfast joint in the Northwest I would have to pick the latter as the actual true sighting.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 26 December 2012 10:38)

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