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"Dax Jordan is set to star in new comedy - DaxTV," says executive producer Craig Marquardo.

DaxTV is a semi-scripted comedy which just got greenlit by indie cable network MavTV (
No, I've never heard of it either.

Dax (seen above) along with his assistant Munch (played by Richard Bain), is a satellite TV installer in Hollywood, California.

Each episode finds him at the house of a celebrity of some kind.

"The show will be semi-scripted, and allow for lots of improv (ala 'Curb Your Enthusiasm')," says Craig.
"We'll be announcing celebrity castings in the next two weeks."

Word is a Baldwin will be involved.

Dax Jordan is a stand-up comic originally from Portland, where he used to work with his father—who is a satellite television installer.

Both Jordan and Bain, who also hails from Portland, are now based in Los Angeles.

The show was created by Marquardo, Dax's manager and former feature film producer, of Fathom Artist Management. Craig also manages Jon Olson, whose travel show 'Next Stop' was just picked up by MavTV for three seasons.

MavTV was founded by four executives from Showtime before being purchased by LucasOil. Originally a network for men, they have been skewing to be much broader in both gender and age. While still a staple for motorsports, DaxTV is a sign of the new direction they are taking.

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