PostHeaderIcon HIP, HO, HO: Sockeye Holiday Party at Left Bank


Break-dancing baby, Monica and Peter Metz, and other cool kids at Sockeye

PARTY PEOPLE:  On Wednesday night I joined up with the cool kids of Sockeye Creative, at their Left Bank Building lofty environs, for an evening of music, drinks, and more chicken wings than you can shake a stick at. Yes, chicken wings, including peanut, classic and something with bourbon.

Besides wings, there were also more cute kids and even cuter daddies and mommies than you could shake a stick at too. This agency seems to attract hotties.

At the party, the kids kept busy with Sockeye's famous Ornamentation Station while the older "kids" kept busy at the bar. For some reason there were lots of horses everywhere but NO polar bears (that was so last year). And ping pong. Why is there is always a ping pong table in every creative-type office in town? Why?

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