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The cast of Cort and Fatboy, Andrew Hill, Juan Martinez, Canadian Tuxedo, Thomas Wilson, Ryan McCluskey,  Don Frost, Leia Weathington and David

MY BOYZ: I promised myself I wouldn't get emotional at the VERY LAST Cort and Fatboy Show, performed live at the Bagdad Theater, on Friday night.

And I didn't. Not during the show. It was too surreal to realize something you enjoyed doing so much—going on their show every Thursday and talking about pretty much ANYTHING I wanted to talk about including vagina, penises and everything in between—to realize in just a few hours the whole thing would be done, kaput...over.

Friday night's "Cort and Fatboy Is Dead" show was more of a love fest than anything else. Listeners came from all over the country to listen to Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts chat up the cast of regulars—including Jim Willig, Courtenay Hameister, David Walker, Leia Weathington, Ryan Fleming, Mike Russelll and special guests Lisa and Brian Wood, Robert Wagner, and Jefferson Smith—one more time.

The show kicked off around 9 pm and ended close to midnight, when as a surprise, Cort and Fatty decided to have one more midnight movie: a very pristine print of the original Star Wars.

Like I said, I didn't get emotional during the show. But, damn, if I didn't lose my shit when the show was over. That's when I saw the faces of the listeners and my "friends" who appeared on the show and hosted the show.  These are good people. People I would have never met if several years ago, I didn't go on their (then) radio show and give them an award.

I didn't plan to spend the next several years, the better part of a decade, with these boys. But it was time well spent. I think of them as brothers. The kind of brothers who won't tell you they love you to your face, but will be the first people to stand up for you in a fight. I will miss them. A lot. Thursdays will never be the same.

Good luck guys...and someday...maybe...I will get to see you naked. Now that would be a good show.

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