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Sam Adams and his stellar staff, Sam and his beer, Sally Bixby, Juan Martinez, Sam and Storm Large, Cary Clarke, Jennifer Yocom, Kohl Haver, Chelsea Cain, Jim Brunberg, Dave Allen, Eloise Damrosch, Gary Hartnett and Sam as the "big cheese"

SAM'S DANCE PARTY: The RACC (Regional Arts and Culture Council) celebrated all things Mayor Sam Adams and ALL the good works he has done for creativity, education, equity and sustainability in Portland (and that dude has done a lot!) at the pARTy in the Name of Art on Friday night.

With help from the local arts community, Sam was given a very cool send-off  with all of the creative flair and vision that he has given this fair city, while raising money for two programs that he championed during his time in office: The Right Brain Initiative and Work for Art.

It was a truly EPIC night and it seemed like everyone who has had anything to do with the arts and politics in our city was there. There were speeches, there was art (Chris Haberman mural is very cool) and lots of entertainment as well as a kick ass dance party and late-night breakfast.

So what was my biggest gripe with the night (other than having to skip out for a couple of hours to attend another event)?

Well, I really don't understand why it has taken so long to celebrate Mayor Sam Adams and his accomplishments. We should've been having these parties for the last few years. And, word is, that, even though Sam will no longer be a great Mayor of our great city, this event will make an appearance in the coming years.

I guess it's just one more thing Sam, in his own way, has shared with our city. I love that guy.

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